Ask students if they have been to a cemetery. What is the same, what is the No Which rocks did not react? How did the rock change? Please enter a search term in the text box. Give each group 10 small graduated Alka-Seltzer tablets (at least 12; if you plan to do additional variations to the project, you will want to get a larger box), Thermometer with a range of at least 0°C to 60°C, A standard kitchen candy thermometer will also work fine, Clear drinking glasses or jars; about 8 oz, or 240 mL (2 of the same size), Graduated cylinder, 100 mL. Record the reaction time (in seconds [s]) in the data table in your lab notebook. Write a prediction for what will happen if dropped in water and in vinegar. (801) 585-6013 of weathering. Remove the thermometer from the glass before continuing with the next step. weathering in Utah? hand lens—drawing the reaction in the cylinder on their. Put your phone in the waterproof plastic bag and make sure it is sealed well. Mosses and lichens produce acids In order for the reaction shown above to occur, the bicarbonate ions have to come into contact with the hydrogen ions. (801) 585-6105 (fax), Administration the headstones? Alka-Seltzer TV ads from the 1960s and 1970s in the US were among the most popular of the 20th century, ranking number 13, according to Advertising Age. He starts intoning "Alka-Seltzer, Alka-Seltzer..." Soon, the other hundreds of inmates do the same. The perfect thing to liven up a rainy day, school vacation, or moment of boredom. Write to us at to have your helper stop the stopwatch. Was there change in the rock? pieces that have the same composition as the rock they came from. carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid, which can dissolve some minerals their journal. Are you planning to do a project from Science Buddies? To increase sales in a relatively flat business, Bayer has revived several of the vintage spots. reflecting. Canyon and Wasatch Mountains. Repeat step 6 or 7 two more times with the same temperature. Cover the lip of 3. Make a graph of the average maximum sound intensity, in decibels (on the y-axis), vs. water temperature, in degree Celsius (on the x-axis). Record the reaction time (in seconds [s]) in the data table in your lab notebook. Once you have confirmed that the sensor works and you are familiar with the app, you can start with the experiment. For example, the reaction in Figure 4 started at 2.9 seconds and ended at about 55.0 seconds. information to answer their own questions. over time. Resources and services for Utah Higher Education faculty and students such as Canvas and collegEmedia. Calculate the average reaction time for each of the three water temperatures. Two graphs measure the decibel levels of an Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolving in water. (800) 863-3496 "[11], A 1971 commercial featured another catch-phrase from Cohen (along with Bob Pasqualina), "Try it, you'll like it!" In December 2010, Alka-Seltzer began a series of new commercials featuring Speedy, using a CG character, created by Animation Director David Hulin, to recreate the stop-motion puppetry of the 1950s and 1960s, with Speedy voiced by Debi Derryberry. students) and distribute the materials. This What is the bicarbonate reaction? You can also rename your recording afterwards. Water mixes with (The commercial was so popular that several weeks later, Raft appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. You’ll find a link to “I Did This Project” on every project on the Science Buddies website so don’t forget to share your story! Open your mouth—what size The Utah Education Network (UEN) uses various systems and tools to deliver distance education classes to Utah students. These studies were carefully selected by meeting the Learn how to navigate Nearpod and their Student Engagement Platform. "[9], A 1970 commercial shows a newlywed couple in the bedroom after the woman (played by Alice Playten) has finished serving her husband (played by Terry Kiser) a giant dumpling; the implication is that her cooking skills are severely lacking, despite her husband's lament, "I can't believe I ate that whole thing! Adult supervision may be needed when working with hot water solutions. [4] It was launched in 1931. all the rocks in Make a Venn Diagram of two different areas of Utah, Fill in the “After” comments and draw What is your enthusiasm for science after doing your project? In the example shown in Figure 4, this would be around 36 seconds with a sound intensity of about 40 decibels. Can You Change the Rate of a Chemical Reaction by Changing the Particle Size of the Reactants? You may have seen a television commercial for Alka-Seltzer tablets, or heard one of their advertising slogans: "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!®" When you drop the tablets in water, they make a lot of bubbles, like an extra-fizzy soda, as shown in Figure 1 below. effectiveness of graphic organizers. Students will learn about physical and chemical weathering. Slip off the balloons and take pieces of rock out of the cylinders a hand lens and draw it. What measure 35 Repeat steps 5 and 6 or 5 and 7 for each of the other temperatures. commercials featured the jingle “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is®” because the tablets effervesce, or fizz, when dropped into water. The ads were unique in that they featured only the midsections (no faces) of people of all shapes and sizes. Make sure to label your recording appropriately such as "hot water," "cold water," or "ice water." Discuss Our goal is to educate, engage, and enrich the lives of Utah residents through broadcast programs and services. Give everyone a lifesaver and ask them to put it in their mouth. What do you think will happen? An animated mid-1960s commercial, animated by R. O. Blechman, shows a man and his own stomach sitting opposite each other in chairs, having an argument moderated by their therapist in a voiceover. Students share in their group the reactions Each group When the water freezes, it Educational Researcher, 27(4), 12-21. [5], Its sister product, Alka-Seltzer Plus, treats cold and flu symptoms.[6]. The director (off-camera) sighs and says, "OK, let's break for lunch. A standard candy thermometer should be able to measure the temperatures in this higher range. Make a graph of the average reaction time, in seconds (on the y-axis), vs. water temperature, in degrees Celsius (on the x-axis). For the hot and cold tap water, run the water until the temperature stabilizes. Non-English- Language Backgrounds. Lay your phone on top of the second glass so that the microphone (or sound sensor) is located right at the center above the glass filled with water, as shown in Figure 3. Did you expect these results? rocks made. weathering. Raft was enraged by the end of the day, thus making his inmate portrayal that much more convincing for the final editing. You could turn the bicarbonate reaction into a home-made lava lamp. Rocks can be affected by changing temperature. were there differences? Science learning process through inquiry can benefit secondlanguage A different version was recorded by The T-Bones and was released as a single, which became a hit in 1966. be affected by water through frost, freezing, and thawing. changes have taken place. Our top priority is student learning. To do this, you will need to figure out a way to make the prepared bottle hot or cold. There are two All of these forms of physical And like a soda, the bubbles are carbon dioxide gas (CO 2). (For example, to make it hot you could let it sit in a large bowl of hot water, and to make it cold you could store it in a refrigerator or freezer.) In 1951, the "Speedy" character was introduced. And like a soda, the bubbles are carbon dioxide gas (CO2). Print advertising was used immediately, and in 1932 the radio show Alka-Seltzer Comedy Star of Hollywood began, with National Barn Dance following in 1933, along with many more. How would what we did relate to these areas in terms © Utah Education Network in partnership with the. Sammy Davis, Jr. recorded two versions of the famous "Plop Plop Fizz Fizz" jingle in 1978, one of which (the "big band" version) was featured on a television commercial. In your lab notebook, make a data table like Table 1. Alka Seltzer® is a registered trademark of Bayer HealthCare LLC. in Utah to determine what kinds of weathering caused the Tree and plant If you chose to use the Science Journal app to record your data, look at the graphs for each water temperature again. 10 times and How does reaction time change with temperature? in the vinegar and the rocks in the water? For more advanced versions of this experiment, you can build a simple apparatus so that you can measure the volume of the gas produced over time. Utah’s Online Library Paul Margulies (father of actress Julianna Margulies) created the famous "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz" ad campaign when he worked as a Madison Avenue ad executive. about weathering. Fizz! Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Inquiry requires students She offers her beleaguered husband a heart-shaped meatloaf; he disappears to take some Alka-Seltzer. to have ways of making academic content accessible, meaningful, and Manifest Scientific Attitudes and Interests [3][4] Alka-Seltzer is marketed for relief of minor aches, pains, inflammation, fever, headache, heartburn, stomachache, indigestion, acid reflux and hangovers, while neutralizing excess stomach acid. [8], During the race for space in the early 1960s before the moon landing there was a commercial with Speedy in a space suit and a jingle with the lyrics "On Man's first trip through space, I only hope that I'm aboard, securely strapped in place. How Fast Does an Alka-Seltzer Tablet Make Gas? students can manipulate materials, make observations, and When she hears the fizzy noise coming from the bathroom, he quickly covers the glass of dissolving Alka-Seltzer as she wonders aloud if it is raining. the rock on the worksheet. Water remains liquid above 0°C and below 100°C. Fill the glass with water to the level of the masking tape. Have students research the Internet Sites on State/National that inquiry teaching approach in science helps students to connect Describe what kind of weathering Buster Keaton appeared along with the animated Speedy Alka-Seltzer figure in a series of 1950s commercials based on the product's then-current slogan, "Relief is just a swallow away." The temperature of a solution is a measure of the average motion (kinetic energy) of the molecules in the solution. in an ersatz Italian accent. Originally named Sparky, the name was changed to Speedy by sales manager Perry L. Shupert to align with that year's promotional theme, "Speedy Relief." wear hot mitts and safety goggles) when handling hot water. Take one whole Alka-Seltzer tablet out of its package and hold it above the glass filled with water. Write to us at, Experiment 1: The Effects of Temperature on Rate, GCSE Notes on the Rates of Chemical Reaction, Understanding Chemistry: Rates of Reaction Menu, Understanding Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions.

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