He also said the MTV crew were not car guys and their ideas were often just plain silly. He was born Dylan Friedlinghaus to his parents Meagen and Ryan. The ride has a top speed of 55 mph and opens in 2019. Ryan has never had any mentors that have taught him these skills, instead preferring to learn through his own hands-on experience. They originally started with a 2007 Porsche Cayman body which they combined it with a 1965 Porsche 356. In a throwback to his days on hit TV show Pimp My Ride, Ryan has admitted he loves station wagons and is a self-confessed wagon guy. Ryan first picked up a spanner because he loved to fix things. This is not the only remarkable fact about Ryan Friendlinghaus. His wife's name is Meagan Friedlinghaus. He ended up rebuilding the truck three times before he was happy with it and it ended up being featured in a couple of minitruck magazines. Of all the challenges West Coast Custom has faced, including dealing with impossible customer demands and super-tight deadlines, there is only one thing that Ryan says makes him angry. The workshop is also designed to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the workshop, with an interior catwalk allowing a birds-eye view of current projects. Ryan did not stop at simply creating a shop for car modifications, he also expanded into clothing and apparel. The company rose to fame after being featured on the MTV series Pimp My Ride and went on to become the subject of the shows Street Customs and Inside West Coast Customs. To do this, they had to shorten the car 9 inches and widen it by 8 inches to fit the 356 body on top of it. He has become insanely popular on social media, with more than 600,000 fans on Twitter and over 490,000 followers on Instagram. You may think the i8 looks space-age or quirky depending on which side of the fence you’re on, but regardless, it is an agile car and exciting when driven flat out. Getting pressured into sales and up sales and customer orders not being completed promptly were among some of the complaints listed against them. Known for: Pas De Faux Clothing, West Coast Customs, style. They were one of the first companies in Los Angeles to install air suspension into cars and after airbagging a Navigator for a customer, Shaq spotted it and approached the owner to find out what had been done the vehicle. He often takes his children there for their birthdays but is still happy to pose with fans for photos and give autographs while he’s out. Pimp My Ride was a show that became famous for its off-the-wall customizations and wild rebuilds of clapped-out cars. Ryan Senior has kept a heavy automotive focus in his father-and-son activities to make sure his sons were bitten by the same automotive bug. He released a song in … Although Ryan loves driving his BMW daily, his favorite car to drive is a pretty wild 2007 Dodge Charger. We were surprised to learn that he gave this award to his Rolls-Royce Ghost. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. West Coast Customs offers industry-leading car customization services ranging from simple vinyl wraps to completely original, one-off vehicle builds. However, Ryan thought he would go one better, arranging for a Burbank Police cruiser to be wrapped with a pink chrome vehicle wrap. West Coast Customs was created as a result of Ryan Friedlinghaus' love of cars, his creative mind and a mission to push boundaries and think outside of the box. To Ryan's credit, he recognized this early on and cut ties with the show, rebranding West Coast Customs as the automotive workshop that could do anything. Together they have three kids, Ryan Jr., Dylan, and Briana. By using BiJog.com you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When asked who his most challenging customer was, West Coast Customs owner Ryan said it used to be Shaquille O’Neal but the only person who asks him to build even crazier cars than Shaq is Will.I.Am of the The Black Eyed Peas. Notable cars that have passed through their shop for customization include a Range Rover for a member of the Dubai Royal Family and a Cadillac CTS-V for Justin Bieber. Finally, the interior was completely redone. His first real project was his own car, a Mazda Pickup, which he customized to demonstrate his ability for future clients. It’s often hard for car enthusiasts to imagine that anyone would not be a car enthusiast themselves and Ryan clearly suffers from the same problem that so many of us do. West Coast Customs has built and modified some very desirable vehicles. In the shop, he is known as “Shady,” a nickname that has stuck with him while at work. He founded his company West Coast Customs in the city of Laguna Niguel located in Orange County, California. So what makes the head of WCC angry? Like many CEOs, Ryan has a laser-sharp focus on what his team is working on and believes that his employees should be the same. A part of that has meant that he has launched himself into every opportunity, rarely turning down a chance to learn a new skill or join a new partnership. It was also discovered that Ryan had denied overtime to some employees who were only earning around $6 per hour, far below the State of California minimum at that time of $8 per hour. Ethical and moral implications have been cited by customers and concerned workers. 16. Ryan Friedlinghaus was born in Southern California in 1972 and opened West Coast Customs when he was 18 years old with $5,000 he had saved from working in his father's liquor store. After that, he fitted some big rims and dropped the ride height onto the ground.

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