They do not interact with one another until the breeding season arrives. Because these birds nest in tree cavities, they must live in or near forested areas. Screech owl, any of numerous New World owls of the genus Otus, typical owls of the family Strigidae. Most of the incubation duties fall on the female, and the male provides her and the chicks with food. The size of the owl’s home range is determined largely by the availability of food. Coloured in a concealing bark pattern, they are rather small owls, about 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches) long. These small birds prey on virtually anything they are able to capture. Though not the smallest species in the world, or even in the Americas, these owls are still pint-sized. The Georgia Birding & Wildlife Trails has a new website—check it out today! Each year logging, land clearing and other activities reduce the number of cavity trees. Are trout streams calling you to go fish Georgia? Habitat destruction deprives these birds of a place to reproduce as well as reducing available prey. Go Draw a Fish! By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Despite the name, screech-owls do not screech; the voice of this species features whinnies and soft trills. Read on to learn about the screech owl. About aquatic nuisance species in Georgia. In fact, screech owls commonly live in both rural and suburban areas as long as they can find open woodlands or backyards dominated by mature trees. To own one for falconry purposes you must have years of experience, adequate housing, and a number of permits. The male also demonstrates elaborate courtship displays including bowing, bill snapping, and hopping. The Eastern screech-owl is Georgia's most common owl. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, The Owl Pages - Western Screech Owl - Megascops kennicottii, National Audubon Society - The Little Screech Owl, Seattle Audubon Society - Western Screech-Owl, The Owl Pages - Eastern Screech Owl - Megascops. Like all species of native wildlife that use natural cavities, suitable nesting and roosting sites are often at a premium. Distributed almost worldwide, notable members of the genus are the common scops owl (Otus scops) of southern Europe, Asia, and Africa; the common screech owl (O. asio) of North America; and the flammulated owl (O. flammeolus) of western North America. The Eastern screech-owl is Georgia's most common owl. These owls thrive in a zoological setting, and are capable of nearly tripling their wild life expectancy. However, in suburban locales its range is sometimes as small as 10–15 acres. While they will nest within a few feet of the ground, most screech owls nest in cavities 10–30 feet above the ground. Screech owls have two color phases, red (reddish-brown) or gray. When these birds are frightened they take... Big Bird – If they know they’ve been spotted, instead of flattening themselves they choose the opposite route. In most places it is illegal to own any owl as a pet. These little birds are incredibly interesting and surprisingly efficient killers for an animal of their size. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. They are given plenty of flying opportunity for exercise, though they do not require as much space as larger species. Old World species of Otus are known as scops owls. They eat many different types of prey, including insects, mice, bats, other small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Fun Facts: Prior to breeding, courtship feeding is common with the male presenting food to the female. Old trees are more likely to have hollows large enough for these owls to make their home. Students have the opportunity to win prizes and recognition while learning about state-fish species, behaviors, aquatic habitats, and conservation. Screech owls can often be found using abandoned northern flicker cavities. For the most part, these birds live solitary lives. Screech owl, any of numerous New World owls of the genus Otus, typical owls of the family Strigidae. Watch out for deer on and near roads during the fall season. Members of both groups possess a facial disk and ear tufts. Occasionally, a nesting pair will be made up of both a red phase bird and a gray phase bird. If he can find a perfect nesting place he stands a much better chance of attracting a female. In addition to the presence of trees, they also require old growth forests for the same reason. They are generally a mottled grey color, which helps them to blend in with the trees that they perch in during the day.

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