shani Mahadasha Remedy: I always suggest MODERATION-MODERATOIN-MODERATION during the period. Though he is not short-tempered, when he does become angry it is difficult to control him. Usually it is a violent process. You are most vulnerable due to compromised immunity. One should also work out regularly and donate blood. Is it worth it to learn astrology just for your own use (i.e. The native should keep his head down and his expectations ultra-realistic, and his conduct extra careful. Planetary Ruler : Rahu is the primary ruler of this Nakshatra and its airy qualities are relayed through it. No flashes of inspiration, no “Aha” moments this time. You are advised to regulate your financial situation properly and ensure that you do not lose money on unnecessary expenses. There can be break ups, divorces, marital disharmony. She is very honest and pure-hearted, so much so that she not only makes new friends easily but equally easily can pacify her detractors. Many of the world’s richest men are born with either Moon or other significant planets placed in this Nakshatra. If any planet can stand up to shani, it is Mars (Read this Article). (Read about Shani-Rahu relationship). The clam before the storm, is shattered by entry of Mars, the God of War. The female native of the Swati Nakshatra has to compromise on her values due to some compulsions in her family life. Because you don’t know how anything would turn out, so don’t make any life defining decisions like heavy investments, marriage, or property purchase. These energy fluctuations create havoc. Brace your seatbelts and embrace yourself for a…, The toughest Dasha Sandhi: First 9 months of Mercury Mahadasha. This period, while is not as bad as shani-Shukra, has its own crushing energy. The 28 Vedic Nakshatras deal with these ever-changing feelings and emotions based on the Moon’s position. Who is the world famous vashikaran specialist astrologer? Venus rules all good things like love, good food, wine etc. Saturn (Shani), who is vata planet, is exalted here. The moon ennui is replaced by Mars aggression and one is ready for a fight back. Shall we marry each other? The primarily materialistic energy of Rahu and Venus combined gives Swati natives success in Venusian business pursuits. It has been almost two years since I wrote my articles on Ketu Mahadasha, and Rahu Mahadasha which went viral. Some things that looked “good” initially, turns out be bad, some initially “bad” things turn out to be good. As usual, he tries really HARD to win the approval. For most it is a bitter-sweet period, with contrasting results. shani is anti-ego, and usually makes a person undergo defeats and humiliations in order to make him learn the plight of the tormented and humiliated. What are some suggestions? Unexplainable illness, heavy headedness and most of all, ALLERGIES attack the native. shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell my clients to keep their expectations “pessimistically realist” if something takes 7 days, you add 5 more and then add extra effort. One can make big decisions due to irrational optimism, only to suffer the consequences later on. However, the real damage is done at the personal front. The male native of the Swati Nakshatra is intelligent and the quality of his work is superlative. Rahu, Mercury, Venus and Saturn gives strong results in Swati. shani Mahadasha Remedy: It is a strange paradox they while they ruin their close relationships, they try hard to win social approval. shani-Ketu-Venus period is particularly difficult. Why do most people not believe in astrology or generally find it illogical? She is my love, but we don’t have a match as per our horoscopes (15.5/36). Inconclusive thinking is a feature which is apparent here more than any other nakshatra. If astrologers can predict other’s future, then why can’t they predict the same for themselves? shani Mahadasha is tough throughout, but its WORST impacts are delivered during shani – Venus period. 3rd pada 13° 20″ -16° 40′ Libra falls in Aquarius Navamsa ruled by Saturn. The focus here is on being inquisitive and overcoming your restlessness. Does it give good results even though it turned bad throughout 19 years? The health of the female native of the Swati Nakshatra may appear to be good from outside, but inside she suffers, mostly from mild asthma, breast pain, problems of the uterus and stress fractures. Here the native is very grounded and stable. It’s better to save money and use it later rather than spending everything now and becoming cash strained afterwards.

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