SKS Its cheap, and they can bounce ammo way above what they are supposed to protect. 400 meters 1 In-game description 2 Trades 3 Tasks 4 Modifications 5 Variants 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 Patch Changes 9 See also 10 References "Soviet semi-automatic carbine designed by Sergei Simonov for 7.62x39 cartridge and known abroad as SKS-45. Instead treat it as a semi automatic rifle. 7.62x39mm **SKS/OP-SKS - ** This is the exception to the 7.62x39mm class, the SKS is extremely cheap, coming in at under 20k, and requires almost no modifications to be effective. Also a bit sceptic about this post. The main expensive part of the gun is the magazine. We will explore a few different builds that I use, and have seen used, for the early levels of the game. Class 5 will always require a second or even a third hit, especially Killa. By The armor will protect you from some pistol damage and shotgun blasts for a shot or two and the helmet has a high ricochet chance to allow bullets to deflect off with limited damage. 3.75 kg Thank you so much for taking the time to write it up. It's a fantastic budget setup. Scott Jeslis said I started this demo, love it so far. 6B47 - If you need to bring NVGs on a run, upgrade to the 6B47, it still offers level 3 protection with a high ricochet chance, but only costs 25k, ACH TC-2001 If you are looking for something a little sturdier for your helmet, at 50k you can get the TC-2001, which grants level 4 protection and also sports mounts for a NVG, as well as a slap plate that can upgrade it to level 5 protection :D. There is one rule about backpacks. Reduce weapon sway when arms are blackened, and makes your guy quit coughing if your stomach is black. I found SKS or OP-SKS with Tapco to perform great with PS ammo for a pretty low price. This Escape from Tarkov beginner loadouts guide can help you understand what you need to buy in the early game to survive raids and start making some money. A quick run build is just that, you are taking a limited amount of gear into a raid expecting to find at least one scavenger to loot a rig from, and then move on to your primary objective. KASPER_ORILLION If you think 20 rounds is enough, then you can save quite a bit on ur main mag as well. Escape from Tarkov can be a bit overwhelming for new players. You probably want to run PS ammo which is a pretty decent early game ammo. Left side Its 6x the price of SNB for even more penetration that you dont need since SNB goes through everything anyway. 7.62x39mm - Right now, this ammo is stuck in an awkward spot. 7N1 is expensive at around 700 roubles a shot, but will cleanly kill through level 5 and usually 2 shots through level 6. However, some of the information there is out of date due to market fluctuations, so here is an updated version for today's market :D, The most important part of your loadout is your ammo, by far. NEVER use it. MP9 is fun and if all goes as planned, effective. Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62x39 That sums up the SVDS. This is amazing for a newer player like me. It will require a ton of bullets to go through level 6 armor, but will comfortably penetrate level 4 armor, which is what most people run. For this reason, your corpse is less likely to be found and looted by an actual player and it’s more likely you will get your insured items back. GameSpace aims to be a one-stop shop for all your gaming news, reviews, videos, streams, opinions, and forums. Accuracy Class If you wanna go semi automatic guns, the 7.62x51 is just better with its M80 rounds. This will put us back a total of about ~70,000 rubles considering the cost for the SKS. 500 The main drawbacks of the VSS are the bullet drop and struggling against level 6 armor, but it is one of the best budget FA weapons in the game right now. At that point its better to just go for 5.45x39mm BS. This build is similar in nature to the quick run build as far as overall weapon and mags are concerned, the difference is the addition of the Paca Armor and the SSh-68 helmet. The Mosins are much more limited in scope options, but have better trigger responses. *note that these are currently mid-wipe builds and a clean wipe guide will be made when one occurs*.

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