It is hinted that he might not be human at all; in the Season 2 episode "Dandy's Day in Court, Baby", a simple DNA scan revealed that Dandy's body has no DNA whatsoever - instead, his body is made of Pyonium, an extremely rare and godlike particle. In the second episode "A Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby", a furious Dandy nearly ejected Meow out of the Aloha Oe for eating all of the emergency ramen bowls, and at the end he gloated over Meow's failure to taste the fabled "Phantom Ramen" out of revenge.

Es wurde von Bandai Namco Games entwickelt und am 24. Die Comedy-Space Opera,[1] die 2013 und 2014 produziert wurde, handelt von den Abenteuern dreier Raumfahrer auf der Suche nach neuen Spezies.

Zum Franchise erschien auch ein Computerspiel. Regie führten Shingo Natsume und Shinichirō Watanabe.

When piloting, Dandy could take out aliens larger than his mecha and even won a race by date. After Meow visited Betelgeuse, the two patched things up, with his father fully supporting Meow's wishes. Die deutsche Synchronfassung entstand bei G&G Studios.[2]. Despite the fact that QT is self-aware, which in episode "Even a Vacuum Cleaner Can Love, Baby" typically results in a robot being treated as faulty and discarded, Dandy never abandons QT and often treats him like he usually would with a regular human (or alien). Space DandyBlockhead (by the narrator, English)Baka (by the narrator, Japanese), Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)Ian Sinclair (English). Because of these powers, Dandy is coveted by the Gogol Empire, who plan to use him as a tool to gain control over all existing universes, and constantly targeted by the persistent Dr. Gel. Die Serie wurde bei TV Club positiv aufgenommen und aufgrund der surrealen Geschichten und des Humors gelobt. In one episode, he claims to not like porn, yet in the first episode, he was seen reading an erotic magazine full of scantily-clad women. Meow has a large family. All orders are … Dolph is a side character only seen in "lovers are trendy, baby" as Scarlets obssesive ex, in this episode Scarlet employs Dandy to serve as a fake boyfriend for a week holiday. Due to a combination of Meow covertly taking erotic photos of Boobies' waitresses and Dandy's sudden interest in him, Meow thought he was going to be punished for his voyeur behavior, unaware that Dandy actually intended to capture him so he can take Meow to the Alien Registration Center for a hefty reward. Dandy is superficial and he tends to contradict himself. Dandy sports a red shirt under a grey-blue and white sukajan jacket with navy blue dress pants, a black belt with a triangular golden buckle, and a gold communicator bracelet on his left wrist.

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