The M1A™ Super Match Model is designed to dominate on the firing line. The gas system was reworked to ensure proper operation with the shortened barrel, and a new muzzle brake was added to help soften recoil. The SOCOM 16 was introduced in 2004, with the SOCOM II being introduced the following year; they are essentially the same except for their accessory rails. Jun 19, 2010  Springfield Armory, Inc. M1A Serial Number Chronology by Lee Emerson 100617 Short answer: The collector’s choice would be a factory built standard model M1A rifle between serial numbers 0422XX and 063000. Selector switch cutout in M1A stock manufactured in 1997, An M1A SOCOM II chambered for .308 Winchester, Retrieved from '', M14 Rifle History and Development (by Lee Emerson),, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (link), Springfield Armory 1911 Serial Number Chart, M1A™ Super Match Rifles - Springfield Armory, How To Install Data Analysis In Excel For Mac, Adobe Cs6 Cleaner Tool For Mac Windows 10, Standard, Loaded, National Match, Super Match, M21, M25, SOCOM 16, Scout Squad, SOCOM II, Tanker, 5-, 10- or 20-round double column, detachable box magazine. [7] The extra Picatinny rails allow for more attachments, including scopes, grips, lights, and lasers, but also means the SOCOM II weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg), compared to the SOCOM 16's 8.8 pounds (4.0 kg). Since the bayonet lug is attached to the flash suppressor, 'post-ban' rifles can easily be fitted with a bayonet lug by fitting a pre-ban flash suppressor. These serial numbers were given a date of december 1943,to May 1944. Experts know the importance of serial numbers. The build included all TRW parts and a National Match rear sight. Click on a term to search for related topics.

043208 10/87 0444XX 03/88 Sure, a spent casing @ a crime scene can tell you what kind of gun, but I highly doubt one XD9 makes a different mark than another XD9. The case are included for a handful of cities that require them. Your IP: In April 1986, Glenn Nelson built a Super Match M1A rifle from stripped receiver serial number 033187. The serial numbers are not entirely sequential so not much help. The M14 was developed to take the place of 7 different weapons systems;[citation needed]Enfield M1917 rifle, Thompson submachine gun, Springfield M1903 rifle, M1 rifle, M1 Carbine, M3 'Grease Gun' and M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). The National Match is a more basic model, while the Super Match is more customizable has additional features on some models such as a McMillan stock and a Douglas stainless steel barrel. Serial # 0361XX. Toshiba Satellite Sd Card Reader Driver Windows 10, Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free, Shaggy Would You Be Offended Mp3 Download. SOCOM is an abbreviation which refers to the United States Special Operations Command. parts until Springfield Armory, Inc. began manufacturing their own. One of the most controversial and often misunderstood is the "NM" prefix on the serial numbers. Most of the M1A rifles manufactured since 1971 were made for the commercial market, and thus were only capable of semi-automatic fire. The SOCOM 16 and SOCOM II are modern variants of the M14 manufactured with lighter materials. Springfield m1a serial number search. •

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