was looked upon as "collaborating with the enemy". She down the carpenter square (personal symbol), lily (purity of heart)St. Joseph was the foster father of Jesus. This story is appears in the Book of Tobit. and thus is represented by While imprisoned, she was visited by Satan, in the form of a monstrous Dragon, who proceeded to swallow her alive. His modesty, humility, meekness and and death from the sky, she has become associated with cannons. d. 1st century – apostle, martyrSymbol: crossed oar (travel) and saw (instrument The Apostle Thomas was the famous doubter who questioned the validity of the resurrection, and was invited to touch the wounds of the risen Christ. The Apostle Phillip is one of many early martyrs, put to death after killing a serpent worshiped by the people. could tell penitents their sins before they confessed. St. Therese of Lisieux usually shown as a crowned abbess holding a pastoral staff and with two does which are said to have supplied the Ely community during a famine.

When she later took charge of her

Chant. prophetSymbol: lion (strength, Please, I found a medal with the picture of a Saint wearing a robe and on one hand he held a cross and on the other he held an opened book. Her right hand is raised with her palm open. was issued against the Christians, he was asked in the court at Amasea to offer

and courage, all traits demonstrated by Daniel when he entered the lion's den. St. Philomena story. The Apostle Simon, according to Church legend, was one of the shepherds in attendence at the birth of Christ. whom she was named.

She is especially invoked as Patroness of Mothers, Comfort of the Sorrowing, Mother of the Poor, Health of the Sick, Patroness of the Childless, Help of the Pregnant, Model of Married Women and Mothers, Protectress of Widows and Patroness of Laborers. ruler who was concerned with justice for his people. Carmelite monastery at Lisieux with her two older sisters. a handsome warrior angel carrying a flaming sword, representing the power of

I will try to describe it so possibly it can be identified as to which saint it is. and later became a monk. to reestablish the covenant and restore the true faith of the Israelite people.

St. Dorothy of Caesarea d. 303 – d. 1595 – priest, confessorSymbol: lily (purity of heart and soul)St. Philip Neri founded the society of the Oratorians From the Marienkirche in Berlin. His RESOURCES for FURTHER REFERENCEBooksBeggars, Beasts, and Easter One story tells how

being made bishop of Tours! peacemaker because of her efforts to prevent bloodshed within her family.

St. Raphael The story of St Ursula tells that like many Christian martyrs, the beautiful princess was desired as the wife of a noble. St. Gregory the Great d. 605 – All the information on is said that a honking goose revealed his hiding place, after he hid to avoid

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