preset: new technique: double spring ball jump. VARIA Randomizer, Solver and Tracker for Super Metroid. To list all the Randomizer webservice client parameters and their description: To apply colors randomization to an existing seed you can use the palettizer. We've released a new version of the VARIA Randomizer, Solver and Trackers ( dubbed "Bite my shiny metal ass". rom: new comfort patches available, Infinite Space Jump and Refill when saving. Learn more, This commit was created on and signed with a, SpriteSomething-1.44.256799692-linux-bionic.tar.gz, SpriteSomething-1.44.256799692-osx.tar.gz,, SpriteSomething-1.43.141277307-linux-bionic.tar.gz, SpriteSomething-1.43.141277307-osx.tar.gz,, SpriteSomething-1.42.62012324-linux-bionic.tar.gz,, SpriteSomething-1.0.659-linux-bionic.tar.gz, SpriteSomething-0.8.395-linux-bionic.tar.gz, SpriteSomething-0.8.273-linux-bionic.tar.gz. We've added a few things to the randomized roms solver ( Hello, ;), fixed logic bugs affecting both rando and solver, fixed Normal/Hard Total ROM patch set mapping for solver, Skip intro/start at Ceres option, as suggested by @Di10 and @BlackEliteJohn, Added optional patch to speed up doors and elevators transitions, Added a Super Fun Times feature for those who like the feeling of Dessy rando masochist seeds, Ability to have a random progression speed instead of choosing one, generate a randomized ROM which can be finished using the techniques of the given preset, can limit the max difficulty for reaching a location, can choose the probability of each minors and the percentage of minors available, can choose the quantity of Energy/Reserve Tanks, can do a full randomization of the majors, can influence how fast the randomizer places the progression items, can spread the progression items in all areas with maximum distance between them, allow the aim buttons to be assign to any button, allow Samus to start spinning in mid air after jumping or falling, display the number of techniques used to solve the rom, in the spoiler display the techniques used for each location, for each techniques display the rooms where it's used with links to the wiki, works with randomized roms from Dessyreqt randomizer and (Total, Foosda, Leodox) randomizer, pretty much all tricks and difficult rooms/areas have their setting, with video explanation when we found one, so you can actually learn the tricks if you want, save/load your presets on the website without having to create an account, hell runs are taken into account in navigation. customizer: new custom sprites, Link (by RonnSama) and Sprite (by TarThoron). Now you can start your seeds from somewhere else than Landing Site (or Ceres).

Enabled by default only in speedrunner and master presets. New stuff: Hello @randomizer, We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. customizer: add palette randomization or other patches to an existing ROM. tracker: seedless mode to use the tracker from a tablet. We updated the VARIA ( You can consult statistics on the influcence of the progression speed parameter for the Randomizer on the progression speed statistics page.

That means there are now 4 portals leading to Norfair have to find Kraid! Presets: Updated all built-in presets for better balance between them. Work fast with our official CLI. In area rando, the Key Hunter Room bottom door (vanilla door to Red Brinstar Elevator) and the vanilla door to G4 are now blue, since Crateria is no longer necessarily the start area. We've released a new version of the VARIA Randomizer, Solver and Trackers ( randomizer: new majors/minors split: Chozo: Put all the required items to finish the seed in the Chozo statues locations. New stuff: Hello @randomizer ! preset: new technique to access items in West Sand Hole (aka Left Sand Pit) with just Hi-Jump, preset: new technique: Precious Room Gravity Jump exit, core: significant performance boost, thanks to a bunch of optimizations initiated by @cout, area: in area rando, Croc is now in its own area, and Maridia has been split in two, rando: new progression speed available, "speedrun" using the random fill algorithm, rando: other progression speeds have been modified as well for better balance between them, rando: new "ultra sparse" energy quantity setting. Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9: Title Author Type Game It also includes a small sample of custom player sprites for SM and ALTTP.

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