A thank you letter might look something like this: Dear (client/customer), Thank you so much for all of your help with getting our recent case study on your business published. Over 40% of people find real estate agents through word-of-mouth. In addition, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. These thank you letter templates that can be downloaded in EPS format provide as a great example for a professional letter written to the real estate agent. Your ____________________ (organization, home improvements, willingness to negotiate) had a significant impact on how quickly we were able to sell your house. I will be here to assist you throughout the whole process, help you with planning, staging decisions, when and why to photograph your property, through all the showings and I can guide you on how best to market your home in this digitally-cluttered world. You can send thank you letters in all communication forms, but handwritten letters are the most meaningful. Romana has contributed to business and lifestyle publications including CBC.ca, Toronto Sun, Maclean’s, MoneySense, Globe & Mail Custom Content Team, and The Toronto Star. [00:00:32] Handwritten cards are one of our favorite ways to touch base with those in our database and those that we want to be in our database there non-intrusive. And they just are such a great way of showing gratitude. Among many things, please make sure your note is generous, specific, prompt, succinct, and personal. Don’t use one letter to send to each seller. One of the biggest hurdles for real estate agents when marketing themselves is they do not want to be “pushy”. [00:04:13] Next is anybody that has you over to their house or anytime you set foot in somebodies house you cross that door and you enter into their home. Third, use this short note to give a hint about the closing gift. Ready to write your own thank you letter to your sellers? So let's chat about what we should be sending to people. Just use one of these thank you note templates to guide you. I can guarantee that after you look at your calendar, you will have a handful of cards to write. It is gratifying to work with someone dedicated to doing a good job. When she was editor of CI Top Broker, Romana helped guide her team to obtain its first KRW Business Journalism nomination, and in 2011, she was part of a small team that helped MoneySense win Magazine of the Year at the 34th annual National Magazine Awards. I would recommend not putting a business card in in with a thank you note unless it was door knocking or was something that was a little bit more business focused. Using your calendar is just a quick tip to jog your memory. Like all things related to buying and selling a home—from home staging and inspections to broker’s open house—real estate is built on relationships. Don’t ignore the goodwill of the person who referred you to a potential client. The Mini Guide to Corporate Holiday Gifts, 5 Unique Client Gift Ideas For The Holidays, How to Create the Best New Employee Welcome Kit, Referral Marketing Program: 10 Effective Thank You Gifts, 40% of people find real estate agents through word-of-mouth, Thank You Letter Examples For Real Estate Marketing. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to meet with me on (day). It doesn’t have to be detailed or lengthy; just one sentence tailored to the seller can be enough for them to realize that it’s a sincere expression. 5 Practical Housewarming Gifts for Small Apartments, 3 Steps To Unisex Gifts Everyone Will Love. It's difficult sometimes but it goes a long way. I don’t think it is necessary to provide a business card for this handwritten note. You can be assured that I will do my best to help you find the perfect home and get you happily settled. Among her achievements, Romana won silver for her annual Where to Buy Now real estate package in the 2019 Canadian Online Publishing Awards. [00:03:47] I receive thank you cards from some people that I don't know I still love them. Use the messages below for inspiration, and customize each to fit your tone/voice. We understand and appreciate what buyers want and know what is selling and not selling in your neighbourhood.

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