Bailey believes that humans are perfectible and that access to all knowledge will lead to that perfection. When Mae arrives at the Circle, she receives a tablet and phone that “haven’t been released yet,” (42) because these are the items that are the most important in the lives of circle workers. But The Circle says that my snap judgment about it, based only on two numbers, might be a problem. They are easily manipulated by Bailey’s showmanship, then (later in the movie) by Mae’s on-stage charm. The SeeChange program, announced at one of the company’s tech rally, places marble-sized cameras around the world, records and stores everything, and then processes data so that it knows everything about every place and everyone. This fact is wildly applauded by the Circle employees, whose herd-animal behavior would embarrass cows, sheep, and even lemmings. Once Mae has been convinced of these ideals, she begins to force them upon others. On this particular occasion, she learns that he did not say anything that she told him, but rather told the audience information he found online. During this last presentation a participant demonstrates a loud alarm which momentarily enrages Stenton.After the meeting, Annie asks Mae to meet her again in the bathroom, and this time she dramatically announces that the PastPerfect project has dredged up some unsavory things about her ancestors, namely that they were slave owners. This is a movie of potent ideas about our use of technology. Most of the suckers—the Circle employees and pretty much every other peon in the world—happily accept the conditions of their own servitude. He is someone as dependent on the Circle as Mae, and also seems to not see the governmental implications of the technology he is helping to develop.

Mae has to maintain a high employee rating, near or at a perfect score of 100, to appear to be great at her job. Although it’s not quite at the level of its complex predecessors—more artful movies about modern technology such as The Social Network, Her, and the documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine—the movie is worth the time of anyone who uses Facebook and smartphones. Students of Penn State are not content to let other people have life experiences that they can see online, but rather want to have these experiences themselves. 466-497) Summary and Analysis, Book 2 Part 1 (pp. The scene provides strong evidence of the changes that being watched has on behavior, while also utilizing the shark as a symbol of the Circle that shows that not all information necessarily needs to be shared, and even indiscriminate sharing of information cannot always completely protect people. Pour elle, c’est une opportunité en or ! Unlike Annie, he seems pleased with the information he has been able to gather on his family, and the only indication that he is less than satisfied with his life at the Circle remains the fact that he has to drink himself to sleep.Due to Mae's hand in the Circle's near Completion through Demoxie, which is supposedly democratic but realistically leads to either mob-rule or totalitarianism, and her direct influence on Mercer's suicide, it is difficult to decide whether she is either the protagonist and villain of the novel. Not affiliated with Harvard College. This suggests that the Circle itself will behave in a similar way, relentlessly working to achieve its goals, regardless of who or what may stand in its way. Becoming a part of a community like the Circle or Penn State makes a person a part of something bigger than themselves. The Circle as a whole has successfully implanted in the minds of its employees the idea that privacy is an enemy to them. He edits the book reviews for Pro Rege, Dordt University's journal of reformed studies, and he has also helped edit the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review and the Walt Whitman Archive. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC.

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