No Keeper (キーパー, Kīpā) is a secret character added in the Afterbirth DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Consequently, it may be worth picking up Isaac's Heart if you see it, in hopes of breaking a bloodbank to get an IV Bag.

Projectile Type


If Keeper falls to one Coin Heart container (Devil deal, Health Down,..), any HP Up will increase his health back to two Coin Hearts. Prioritise blowing up dead shopkeepers and pots.

Self-inflicting damage items: … Tinted rocks are often not worth the bomb spent on them. Combine with Restock for a two piece, tedious game break. His tears stat can be raised higher than the normal Inner Eye cap with enough Tears Up. That is exactly my issue, his runs are a boring grind unless you get lucky with the drops. Pickup(s) Maybe the AI will spaz out. Thirdly, you can abuse Dead Cat to take any devil item by sacrificing lives. Charm of the Vampire: Not the form of healing you want to be relying on, but when it comes to the crunch, you can kill the hush spawns en mass to get some HP back. Easily found by bomb pots. The shopkeeper's faces occasionally take on the appearance of certain popular Internet memes, such as "Forever Alone". Chaos randomises all item pools, so the shop items (and every other item, really) has a chance of being a devil or angel item. Keeper's health coins count as Red Hearts for a devil/angel door appearing at all, making Joker Cards. Holy Mantle: it was great on the Lost. Yes, the Keeper is a hard character, if not the hardest character.. One of the reasons is how his health works. Can be risky, as it reduces access to the usual shop synergies and the general certainties of angel/devil items from their respective rooms. Keeper always takes one full Coin Heart of damage, which means he generally cannot have half Coin Hearts. Keeper's tears are often viewed as lacklustre or difficult to use.

This is achieved with a coin in the room right next to the Curse Room's door, most easily achieved with Wooden Nickel. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. (Afterbirth: Lilith • Keeper • (Satoru Iwata)) Has incredible utility for stealing from devil deals. Wooden Nickel: 50% chance of spawning a coin every room. Keeper Found in the boss pool and from destroying polyps in the womb. Getting hit by Keepers will cause Isaac to lose some of his coins. Picking up. Gameplay. The delay from Inner Eye and Mutant Spider will stack with your triple shot. As this run will likely be more powerful than average to make up for the lack of the Wooden Nickel, you may find that in your first successful run that could get to Isaac, you'll also be able to get the Key Pieces, kill Mega Satan and kill Blue Baby. I've had four good Keeper runs - one Greed, one Chest + Mega Satan, one Dark Room + Hush, one Boss Rush + Chest. Unlike for other characters, this card gives you 1HP permanently, up to a max of two. Midas Touch: deals contact damage equal to your coins. (NB: IV Bag only drops 0-1 coins and is not as useful without a synergy, as above.). It's best to ignore curse rooms unless you have a Holy Mantle or are resetting for a good start.

However, his low tear rate has an advantage over regular triple shot: it has no increased tear cap, meaning tears up can have effect up to Isaac's regular maxed out rate.

Libra's a bit of a mystery, though. Humbling Bundle: Gives double coin payouts, so using coins for healing also gives cash.

I also feel like he depends on getting the right items more than almost any character.

Good for the immediate vengeance and replenishment against contact enemies.

I suggest leaving any coins that drop in the room until after the angel fights.

No Speed Keepers usually fire 2 short-ranged blood shots in a V formation (similar to Fat Flies) at Isaac when he gets in their line of sight.

-2 No

To be specific, you need to take advantage of the various ways of spawning coins to provide a steady flow of regeneration. 0.85 I just lost a virtually unkillable run as The Keeper because I picked up Abaddon without realizing that it instantly killed him.

The Catacombs Comparisons with the Lost tend to focus on the Lost's advantages and underestimate the Keeper's ability to tank damage. Damage

Angel room. Use immediately at the start of a room to get a 50% chance of another health. Angel room and item room. No Keeper's tears are often viewed as lacklustre or difficult to use.

Whats worse is devil items that give you health ( Abbadon and The Pact being 2 heart deals ) will kill you because they arn't red hearts you get back.

Champions. Having finally tackled Boss Rush and promptly vowing to never again touch Keeper, this rant holds mostly true. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Secondly, you can leave health ups on the floor until after the devil deal, take a single heart deal and then take the HP to get back to full. Flight is useful in general, and it also lets Keeper enter Curse Rooms with less risk. Battery: Allows extra charge to be stored. If Keeper falls to one health coin (Devil deal, Health Down,..), any HP Up will increase his health back to two health coins. Necropolis Yum Heart: replenishes one health every four rooms.

It takes exceedingly bad luck for wooden nickel to be worse than yum heart. Taking a Devil deal costing 2 Red Hearts will kill Keeper. For the Keeper, gives a pay out of 0-1 coins when he takes damage. As the Keeper will likely end up with extra wealth from all the pots, corpses and Wooden Nickel uses, you can afford the items in the shop without difficulty. The damage reduction includes every possible source in the game that would cause more than half a heart of damage: The player's bombs and other bombs. Contacts Sacrifice Rooms. And on the later floors you won't need the extra money the wood generates. That's the sort of mindset that makes people think the Keeper is just a crippled version of the Lost. Dead shopkeepers increase your devil deal chances by 10% and can drop the valuable Head of the Keeper, as well as the Steam Sale. Bullet Useful if you prefer certainty to the 50/50 chance of Wooden Nickel. Treasure pools. Treat items that lower your fire rate with caution. He can only out-tank it. Once you've got survivability down, you can start building your offence.

Experimental Treatment: On most characters, a sudden health down is an annoyance. Wooden Nickel is a 50/50 chance every one room, which on average amounts to a heal every two rooms. I also had Pyromaniac and virtually every bomb synergy, minus homing bombs, except I picked up Sacred Heart on the chest … Trying unlocking wooden nickel for the keeper by beating isaac boss with keeper and it makes it a little bit easier. Chapter 2 You can use it to get back to 2HP after a dead cat revival or after taking a single heart devil deal. Head of the Keeper: tears drop pennies on contact with an enemy. Related Monster(s) Can spawn a significant amount of money in any room, making fights easier the longer they go on.


It's guaranteed instant heal, as opposed to 50/50 chance and the need to pick up a coin.

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