He brought that passion on stage when he performed. Yet, his goal was not to become a musician or producer; Succar wanted to play professional soccer. “I have put my entire heart and soul into this project as a tribute to the most influential artist that has ever blessed his fans with his extraordinary music and global message,” said Succar. Tony Succar y Mixtura in concert at your birthday, wedding, grand opening of a venue… you name it! At the performance, the crowd went wild, and Succar took it as a sign to continue this musical exercise as an homage to the King of Pop. “I remember they would shoo me out of the practice room, for fear of damaging my hearing.”. We’ll make sure we get the party bumpin! THE WHOLE Tony Succar catalog of music signed and mailed to your door with massive love. “He had a passion for the music. But none have attempted anything as musically bold and innovative as turning those songs into a tropical pop fusion set to Salsa.

The client requested he close the show with Jackson’s iconic “Thriller.”, “I spent a lot of time listening to the rhythm of ‘Thriller.’ I wanted to contain the essence and fuse the instrumentation, orchestration and production of it.”. As the composer and arranger, Succar purposefully preserved the original foundation and opening to Jackson’s songs, allowing the listener to quickly identify the beat. “I didn’t even think about music as a career, let alone a major.”. [Plus everything above except La Cajita and Quijada]. “I’m extremely grateful that this project has to come to life and is finally being introduced to the world. However, Succar gave the FIU community a preview with a  live performance of two songs from the album during the inaugural  TEDxFIU.

[Plus everything above], You’ll get a signed copy of THRILLER (the promo CD, not available for purchase anywhere) and my “Live at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center” DVD/CD album again signed and dedicated to you. After delivering incredible solo performances, French-Moroccan sisters Sara and Rania are set to compete in the 2020 finals of The Voice Kids France.

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson passed away while Succar was in the last year of his graduate program. The idea for  the  UNITY project  came when Succar began preparing for a Halloween performance.

Succar recalled, “When I was playing with those guys, I knew they were ahead of the game. A few years later, when Succar was a junior, he took over the family business and became musical director of the newly revamped and renamed band Mixtura, which Sandoval hired to play at his jazz club in North Miami Beach. This project represents two years of work, with an incredible investment of his time and money. You’ll get a pro cajita! With the FIU Jazz ensemble, and later with Mixtura, he played with Tito Rojas, Tito Puente Jr., Nestor Torres, and even shared the stage with Tito Nieves, who would later sing lead vocals on Succar’s first single – all while completing his undergraduate degree. Music remains the family business.

This includes unreleased recordings and DVD footage of Live performances! His first concert performance was with Arturo Sandoval.

He has a very musical family, so I know where he gets it from.”. Music … Missing from the compositions was the most important element: Salsa singers gutsy enough to perform vocals on a Michael Jackson tribute album. Complete with album art and liner notes. [Plus everything above]. I'll give you a local or Skype percussion lesson. The album, featuring some of the biggest names in salsa, will be released in spring 2013.

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