The first level features the Toxic Avenger theme song from the Toxic Avenger Part II. 6) Sonic Underground In testament to the apathy of the whole production, the opening theme for Where’s Waldo? The Toxic Crusaders cartoon proved that parental watchdog groups weren’t really paying attention to children’s TV in the early 1990s. The Waldo books are largely plotless affairs, but no one cared about that when turning them into a TV series. We didn't recognize the URL you provided. Most of this can be blamed on the X-TREME movement, which decreed that cartoon heroes be pumped full of Liefeld-brand steroids and backed by no less than fourteen wailing guitars. Of course, it’s not as heavy as the actual Toxic Avenger film theme song, but the show’s theme still does its best to get kids worked up over TOXIC CRUUUUU-SADERS. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A group of mutants fight against the pollution-loving alien Dr. Killemoff in the fictional city of Tromaville, led by Toxie, a nerd-turned-superhero. I remember the cartoon thats how i got introduced to Toxie before the troma films, I loved the cartoon tho i did'nt know about the game they made i remember.

This was a show with a story to tell, and it started right during the opening music. Who would've guessed that Sam Keith the creator of The Maxx did a cover for The Toxic Crusaders. The thing is, I am a loyal fan of Troma and the Toxic Avenger. Ultraforce‘s intro is a stunning simple affair, as it consists entirely of a man yelling ULTRAFORRRRRCE while viewers meet a bunch of C-list superhero from the Malibu Comics barrel-bottom. Don’t tell your parents.”. Kalen, Ryan, Dan, and Brooks talk about Gamescom 2020, There’s Gonna Be (Another) Avengers Cartoon, Topless Robot Podcast: #106 – 2 Years of TRP, Topless Robot Podcast: #105 – Justice for Mushu, Topless Robot Podcast: #104 – Chaos Emeril, Topless Robot Podcast: #103 – Call Me When You Can Shred The Gnar, Poser.

The cartoon was pretty cool.

Of all the pretenders to the throne of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Street Sharks were the only ones widely remembered once the show’s viewers grew up and discovered irony. Totally in-your-face cartoons of the 1990s invariably come back to Street Sharks, the totem animals of action-figure masculinity. No, we’re just talking about cartoons. I always thought that Dr. Killemoff was a very cool and overlooked villain. but I'm glad that they did because this show was truely awesome. Loved this cartoon, actually forgot it even existed...I know shame on me, great article actually read it twice, thumbs up! Toxic Crusaders Lyrics: A baby's born with a single eye / The problems cause by the things inside / His mother's blood and his papa's smoke / The water's alive but will it float? The theme song alone captures everything that went wrong with Sonic: the ridiculous world-building, the dated “badical” attitude, and the countless bizarre attempts to market a simple video-game character to hip 1990s children. with the comic book), some of the episodes were loosely based on Troma Films. And next my Father bought us the two headed hero and ally of Toxie Headbanger next we don't want anymore because the toy line sucks so we decided another one would be such a waste. That his game was for the NES though, must be wrong. Not to mention after watching three seasons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, five episodes of the God awful Swamp Thing Cartoon, and the preachy tree hugging hippie fest that was Captain Planet, the last thing I really wanted to watch was a cartoon about a bunch of radiation mutated freaks saving the environment. Sure, it extolls the JAWSOME abilities of the Street Sharks in the fields of biting and fighting, but the limp guitar riffs and barely-there lyrics fall short of the 1990s standard. However, these last two series strayed from the original theme of the series of crimefighting and terrorism, focusing instead on a racing theme. Gib Deine Bewertung ab! We guess. And, of course, there’s Teknoman and his booming, continuing saga. the maxx was a totes rad comic and they made a pretty good cartoon of it that was on mtv.

But there were other offenders in the decade’s animated airtime, and we’ll cover the worst of both worlds here. Shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were upbraided for their violence, but there was no outcry when Fox aired an animated series based on Troma’s notoriously tasteless Toxic Avenger films. Toxic Crusaders had a rockin' theme song, I was a big fan of this show and the action figures. just sits there. Toxic Crusaders had a rockin' theme song, I was a big fan of this show and the action figures. You can even write your own! is most flatteringly described as “Jim Lee’s X-Men rip-off that’s still better than any of Rob Liefeld’s X-Men rip-offs.” And to prove it, WildC.A.T.S actually got a cartoon while Liefeld’s Youngblood TV show died on the operating table.

The Bots Master is a clear case of overstaying a welcome. I have Toxie's Original comics, Thge Toxic crusaders, as well as the Toxic Avenger ones... all from when he was a Marvel Character. Perhaps that’s because Toxic Crusaders was sanitized heavily and reached borderline Captain Planet levels of environmentalism.

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