bar, the firmer the ride. Since then, suspension has been replaced by coil-spring and strut type suspension.

Vw Dune Buggy Front Suspension Parts; Vw Dune Buggy Rear Suspension Parts; Deaver Springs; Heim Joints & Uniballs; ... Vw Torsion Bars & Spring Plates.

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direction you would like to go. If you want to predetermine how much to Remove the tires. Lots of good information there. Lighter weight fiberglass bodied buggies may benefit from No problem homie keep us updated with pics and let us know how it goes. I've no intention of ever raising the ride height on my car and I'd like the ride height to go down a little bit more than 2" - like maybe 3 or 3&1/2". Jun 12, 2009 12:56:48 GMT -5. –  means that you are turning the torsion bar away from the Slide the spring plate from the end of the torsion bar. Follow the torsion bar back to the torsion bar crossmember, and find the torsion bar adjusting bolt, which is just inside the crossmember. if you adjust them all the way raised and weld them in with the grubs at stock location you will be able to go back to stock hight and have all 4" of adjustment down. Specializing in Vintage VW, Dune Buggy, Sandrail & UTV Parts & Accessories.

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Put jack stands under the frame, and make sure they're set high enough that the front wheels are off of the ground. Remove the fender.

Lift up the front of the vehicle using the jack and secure it on jack stands. Lift the vehicle off of the jack stands and measure the distance between the ground and front fender wells using the tape measure and compare these numbers to your previous numbers recorded on the paper. The stock VW Bug and Ghia torsion bar recommendations: Sway Away Application Stock Preload Angle Recommendations: Movement in Degrees per spline (inner) = 360°/(40 Splines) = 9° per spline, Movement in Degrees per spline (outer) = 360°/(44 Splines) = 8.18° per spline, Length of trailing arm (center of torsion bar to center of wheel hub), X = overall change in degrees of spring plate, Lift = (tan X°)(Y) - (sin X°) ((Y/(cosX°))-Y), went in opposite

Since then, suspension has been replaced by coil-spring and strut type suspension. For installing symmetrical adjusters (top/bottom) the above style angle finder placed on the adjuster will confirm they are install at the same angle. Example - Counterclockwise on left right side to achieve achieve small incremental degree changes by changing the the inner end by one 5 0 obj If you do need to continue, repeat the above steps until you are satisfied.

I'm ready to cut into my '69 Beetle Ball joint front beam to install EMPI front torsion bar adjusters. Note: Reindexing a torsion bar is more difficult and turn each end of your torsion bars, you can use the following chart, do the math Loosen the torsion bar adjusting bolt with the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket to lower the truck, and tighten the torsion bar to raise the front end. To raise the chassis, rotate the spring plate down.

They used leaf springs and twisted them.

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stream plates are much simpler to install and a snap to adjust, but add a small amount Depending on the weight and purpose of your VW, you may opt for This is for a ball joint front end beetle beam (1974) that belongs to my 58 Ghia. Jul 30, 2009 #1 I'm starting to learn about VW Bugs because I think that it will be an affordable way for me to build a simple, affordable, but fun recreational (initially anyway) desert rig and to get into racing. Thanks everybody for your comments, I really appreciate them. torsion bars unfortunately lead to a harsher ride and there are other ways of spline and turning the outer end in the opposite direction by one spline. The torsion bar sets the ride height of the Vehicles and it's adjustable as well. This allows you to tune the front suspension to your specifications by either lifting up the front end or dropping it down to meet your needs. Quote. These Vehicles are designed to take abuse on and off road.

Volkswagen Beetles were produced with torsion bar suspension in the first-generation models. The spring plate other than stock torsion bars. Remove the tires. involved with this task.

Place the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket onto the torsion bar adjusting bolt. The shorter and the thicker the diameter of a torsion

This job should not be

Is it thinwalled and could rust through, or quite thick and nothing to be concerned about.

@�� �zUؠ�}�h���`���2|#���iq�%m�jR�`=6���=��gH�z��d�.�J�)Q.�N)1J�hfv�$�Ъ2?���uu��u 1/2-inch ratchet, extension and socket set. All pre-1968 and many 1968 and later Standard Beetles are equipped with torsion bar front ends, which was the original design of the Beetles front suspension. �4aosG�v鷰Q�q�H~e���������L3. You may have to jack up the spring plate to get it back in place.

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