critical multiplier 2.0x. 210 maksymalnej amunicji Her status is really good though, which is the best right now. Złamane Berło • By constantly having maximum of either status stacked, your Slash procs are doing enormous amounts of damage on their own! All rights reserved. Jat Kusar • 160.0 Hystrix • Pixia Dex to broń używana przez Titanię podczas korzystania z umiejętności Skrzydłoostrze Zadaje głównie obrażenia Tnące Decurion Podwójny • Pangolin Prime • Snipetron ( Vandal) • Bronco ( Prime) • Razorwing Blitz is a trap. Knux • Dera ( Vandal) • Aklex ( Prime) • Ogris ( Kuvy) • And is there a better secondary Arcane for Titania? DEX PIXIA PRIME. Furis ( MK1) • Nikana Prime • This project is more than important to me, it's years of work. Pistoletowa Hornet Strike and Augur Pact give flat base damage, while Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker give boosted critical stats. Boltor Prime • Larkspur • Karabin Laserowy Prime • As for the guns themselves, I currently have this setup: -Hornet Strike -Barrel Diffusion -Lethal Torrent -Tainted Clip -Pistol Pestilence -Frostbite -Scorch -Gunslinger. Cyngas • Arca Plasmor • Vectis Prime • Strun ( MK1, Wraith), Komorex • Akvasto Prime • So, in one of those two free slots the OP should be putting Anemic Agility, and in the other either Steady Hands, or Subsystem Targeting. Kesheg • Silva i Aegis Prime • 10% crit should be fine then with Primed mods. warframe weapon . Tried seeker out on Dex Pixia ages ago and never went back. This menu feels empty, right? Zakti •, Baza Prime • If you are not doing endurance runs just use precision. Magazynek Heat/Corrosive/Slash for everyday use | Config A. Hello there, I'm going to give my three different configuration here so please check links below. Javlok • Lato Prime • Popular DEX PIXIA Mods. This does not describe 99% of cases of Razorwing engagements and so even with how strong the Dex Pixia are, slotting something that you have to play around--to play a way contrary to how you normally would play--is a bad choice for any weapon, let alone an exalted that requires you to spend energy to access. I had to use arcane velocity in titania to compensate for the lack of fire rate, since I wanted to use a punch through mod. Venka • I believe that Dex Pixia Prime is currently bugged as it seems to do less damage compared to Dex Pixia. Pyrana ( Prime), Afuris ( Dex) • You'll always run out of ammo all the time. Mroczny Miecz • en. PISTOL. Stubba • Is it actually reliable to use? Anku • On CC more damage t pistols or something idr( and then all 4 60/60 and im a lil broken... in cetus i take down all the jets that drop enemiss off before they even stop to droo enemies off... its a lil dumb dumb. Reaper Prime, Masseter • Cadus • Viper Podwójny ( Wraith), Akbolto ( Prime, Telos) • I thought Avenger was hard to proc with her because she's so small, has more evasion, and she doesn't seem to draw that much aggro. Okina, Ankyros ( Prime) • archgun archmelee melee pistol primary sentinel weapon . Bo Prime • Gunsen • Tigris Prime • Sybaris • Ohma, Atterax • War • Detron ( Mara) • Miecz Eteryczny Podwójny • Nami Skyla Prime • You don't have to use the crit mods - you can, but Dex Pixia will perform fine without them. Cestra • Puncture: 16. If I replace Precision with Velocity, I don't have to use Gunslinger anymore. Exergis • Jaśniejące Ostrze • Aksomati Prime • Plinx • Karyst ( Prime) • Supra ( Vandal), Chakkhurr Kuvy • 25% Okina • Baza • titania prime exalted weapon. Plus you can set it up so that you have the DeX functioning as a CO primer, although I cant remember if her blade is good for that. Prova • Kogake Prime • Boltor ( Prime, Telos) • Braton ( MK1, Prime, Vandal) • Fluctus • dex pixia dps by zozoritiez, last updated on May 28, 2019. Marelok ( Vaykor) • Szansa kryt. Euphona Prime • Guandao (30px Prime) • Stradavar ( Prime) • Lenz • The values are saved in the database with the build and passed with the URL when the build is exported. Zhuge Prime, Akbolto Prime • Create and share your own Dex Pixia Prime build on Overframe! Mission complete! … The emphasis here is on the fun, and the fact that doing the same thing, the same way, forever and ever, is boring. Setting these values is mandatory for each Kuva weapon. Cassowar • Miecz Szczęk • Paris ( MK1, Prime), Azima • 3 Forma | 95 Platinum | 95480 Endo - This build is part of my Titania Prime build for Razorwing This build interchangeable with my Critical build for Dex Pixia Prime U can do this build with 0 Forma if u go with rank 0 Jolt and Pistol Pestilence instead of Convulsion and Pathogen … I strongly recommend Seeker. Scindo Prime • Veritux ( Prisma), Amprex • Fang Prime • Galvacord • To register, please use the "register" button in the top right corner of the page. with primed crit mods its 27% so not far off 1 in 3 not factoring multishot , its is more than worth building into crit when also factoring firerate buffs , punchthrough is a good option though. Euphona Prime • Embolist • Cobra i Crane • Sigma i Octantis • Daikyu • Question/Request. My current build for dex pixia. Buzlok • Youd think Arcane Velocity would be amazing when paired with a crit build on the Dex Pixia, but it turns out that the Dex Pixia cannot proc arcanes. Kesheg • Falcor • Karabin Laserowy ( Prime) • Tiberon ( Prime), Amprex • ITEM. Cernos Prime • Mnożnik kryt. 0.3 s Modifying for the Situation: Swap out Pistol Pestilence (toxin) for Jolt (electric) for missions against the Corpus. 6 - 1.4 - 1.76 = 2.83 With multishot, fire rate and status chance we get 14.8 viral procs on average in that time window. Scoliac, Pustynny Wiatr • The Dex Pixia are very important in this build, as the aim is to spend as much time in Razorwing as possible or to pump out as much damage as we can to shatter those Eidolon limbs. Velox • Aksomati ( Prime) • 4 Forma | 407 Platinum | 176390 Endo - ( because damage is the only important thing on the game ) used with titania dps and dual toxocyst buff : this build don't use more fire rate because of ( dual toxocyst + razorwing ) 1 magazine = arround 1.3s "magnum force" can be replaced with a "primed expel ...." doing th The new version is now available for all members if it is public, or by those who have the link if it is private. Castanas • Sign in. She's easily one of my favorite frames now. Hind ( Kuvy) • The first goal is met by making sure a full 10 viral procs occure within this time period: status duration - reload time - time it takes to get 10 new Viral procs. Akzani • Mroczny Miecz Podziału • Fulmin • NEW BUILD: DEX PIXIA PRIME. Heliocor ( Synoid) • Typ Amunicji Phage • Kreska • Spira Prime • This helps you rip apart their shields far more effectively, while heat still shreds armor and lets your pullets remain effective against regular health. Glaxion ( Vandal) • I understand and want to close this message. if you don't feel the need to use punch through, feel free to replace Seeker with anemic agility or gunslinger. The build aims to provide Titania with a vast amount of ability strength, as this will increase the damage she can do while using her Razorwing ability. Miecz Łuskowy • Zenistar, Arca Titron • If you like and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app (not sure it's a good way to say it, I've always been bad for asking help), please consider trying my kinetic novel, available on Steam. Maks. Kohmak • Warframe Wiki jest społecznością Fandomu Gry. Dex Pixia got nerfed during Exalted Weapons change (crit got decreased from 15%) and crit isn't as good anymore, especially when considering pistol crit being weaker without Primed mods (Baro pls). Dex Pixia Prime Build Help. Bo ( MK1, Prime) • Aklato • Tnące Lex Prime • That shreds 50% of enemy armor, something that might not amplify slash procs but dramatically increase bullet damage. Quartakk ( Kuvy) • Alarmująca Miej swoje ulubione fandomy zawsze pod ręką, a nigdy niczego nie przegapisz. Vectis ( Prime) • Bolto • The build has been reported as incorrect. Quatz, Brakk ( Kuvy) • Mire • Finally, Aviator and a partially upgraded Adaptation will provide plenty of tankiness to the build, giving Titania Prime some excellent survivability. 5.83 pocisków/sek Scourge • Miecz Eteryczny • Mroczny Sztylet ( Rakta) • Korrudo • Boczna Lesion • Vulkar ( Wraith), Bramma Kuvy • Nukor ( Kuvy) • And lastly, here's my main question. Maczeta ( Prisma, Wraith) • Cestra Podwójna • Tekko Prime • +, Converts unused ammo pickups into Pistol ammo. Thanks for your help. roughly my build. Cronus • Simulor ( Synoid) • Hema • 11. Tysis • Here's the issue; I don't know how to mod her Dex Pixia Prime. Sicarus ( Prime), Atomos • Xoris •, Boltace ( Telos) • Miecz Żaru Podwójny • Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe replace gunslinger with slash or that 90% damage mod and replace scorch with the prime heat mod. To do that we strap on both slash damage mods, making it as high as possible of a ratio of our damage. Strony z odwołaniami do nieistniejących plików,, Wysokie obrażenia Tnące skuteczne przeciwko punktom życia, Nie wymaga podnoszenia amunicji ponieważ sama się po czasie zregeneruje, Ma 0.3 sekundy przed regeneracją amunicji po wyczerpaniu jej, Regeneruje 50 amunicji na sekundę a całkowite jej odnowienie trwa 1,2 sekundy, Niskie obrażenia Miażdżące jak i Przebijające przez co broń jest mniej efektywna przeciwko tarczą i pancerzom. Orthos Prime • Silva i Aegis ( Prime), Maczeta Gazal • Pox • Penta ( Carmine, Secura) • Argonak • WARFRAME WEAPON . Don't worry, you can set your builds to private and create your own database of builds for your personal use.

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