Soaking the poles in a salt, lime, or asphalt solution can greatly reduce the negative effects of biological and environmental elements. If well maintained, a wattle & daub panel should last indefinitely.

Dear Jerrylee, I have no direct experience of daubing against concrete, but have daubed up to old oak (very dry) in a timber frame and due to the nature of clay, there is always some shrinkage. Finishing with a lime plaster or even a lime wash will cover or fill the cracks as well. It's origins date back to the Neolithic Period. I can’t give you an exact ratio. Maybe only using for or cedar for areas of the frame that wouldn’t get plastered, like the sill plate. To make the wall sturdier, and to keep the air out, the woven walls are then covered with the cement that is made of the soil and animal dung. A natural french drain of stone around the outside would help to take water away from your home too.

(Sidenote…at the top of the pillars I am pouring a 5×5 concrete ring locking them all together)… first I wanted to bolt 4x4s to the pillars and then waddle and daub but do you think I could just start my daub from the concrete or do you think I would have constant cracking around the edges where they meet and also could rain be directly. “For many people the wonderful irregularities of wattle & daub walls form part of the attraction of a medieval timber framed building. it takes up moisture in humid conditions and releases it when conditions are drier. Use large eves as Sarah says and use your local no-durable timber farther up in the building and for all the internal and covered components. Wattle and daub is making a comeback as an extremely sustainable infill for new timber framed buildings.

…clay and wood, the so-called wattle-and-daub method, is also found in Europe and the Middle East. I’m probably a couple of years away from doing even that, but when I do, I’ll try to remember to update you.

Daub is primarily composed of earthen materials such as silt, sand, clay, and dirt. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Like wood, Cane/Bamboo is an abundant renewable resource. It is able to accommodate even the most severe structural movement; it is usually well sprung into the timber frame and offers support to weakening timbers that other forms of infill might not. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The main purpose of the wattle is to provide a framework on which to apply (from both sides) a sticky daub (pretty much the same as cob but more pliable and without the large stones). Like earth or stone walls, wattle and daub can be designed to provide thermal mass. Clay is reputed to draw toxins from the air. Alternatively, if there is a longer time period between daubing and plastering (and that’s fine too), apply several coats of fine mist/water to give the daub moisture before plastering. When this method is used as filling-in for a timber-framed structure the wattles are set into holes bored in a horizontal timber above and fitted into a groove in a corresponding timber below. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login).

It’s important that the staves are not too thick.

It sure would be nice to use materials we have readily available. To reduce cohesion, straw and sand can be added. And don’t forget to visit our main topics page to explore over 200 aspects of low-impact living and our homepage to learn more about why we do what we do. Thank you for your blog, I think it will be helpful. If you have an old timber-framed house, here is some information on repairing damaged wattle and daub panels. Dave Darby enclosures dispossesed many who then became serfs or just land workers who stayed in the rural areas. I hope that helps. I would like to build before those trees could produce the battles or withies though, but for any alternative material all we have is vine maple (very wavery, but flexible), red elderberry and mostly salmon berry. Walls are typically 4-5 inches thick, but wattle and daub is adaptable and thicker walls could be built with heat retention in mind. See: Proper design, planning and construction can make maintenance costs irrele. Wattle and daub has been used for at least 6,000 years and is still an important construction method in many parts of the world. Hi Juli Wattle and daub is a composite building method used for making walls and buildings, in which a woven lattice of wooden strips called wattle is daubed with a sticky material usually made of some combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dungand straw. hello, can you please let me know the composition of soil.Is it only clay to be used after sieving? For many people the wonderful irregularities of wattle & daub walls form part of the attraction of a medieval timber framed building. Adult age will depend on the species used. Made of naturally occurring, abundant materials. The next step is to plaster an underlay. Not sure where in the world you are building and have no experience of red alder as a building material, so I’m sorry but can’t comment on how well lime would protect the alder. Registered in England. Corrections? Timber frame / wattle & daub workshop, part 2: applying the daub. Strategies vary depending on climate. For example, would it make the growth of fungus within the walls more likely, or would there be a risk of wet rot in wattle? Like straw bale and timber framing, wattle and daub is a carbon store. Building with earth isn’t an exact science, it’s more about trusting an innate instinct to build – which it sounds like you have. Trying a small panel will allow you to see the qualities of your material as it dries, so that, for example, you can add more or less straw, or whatever ‘tying’ material you are adding to your subsoil. After the underlay is plastered, incisions should be made along the wall using wire brush or nails. The wattle panel consists of two main components; staves and withies (small malleable twigs or bamboo battens).

Wattle and daub has been used in construction for at least 6,000 years[1]. Courses start with harvesting hazel and digging daub! Do keep us posted as to how you get on! The purpose of the underlay is to help level out the walls imperfections for the finishing layer. Although construction and design are relatively simple, they can be quite labor-intensive, especially the assembling of the wattle panels.

Then the staves are woven with twigs and plastered with clay. Like straw bale and timber framing, wattle and daub is a carbon store.

Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser by CleanTalk. Dear Nimesh, thank-you for your question.

This gives a very natural, organic look and cuts out the need for render. I am writing to ask about what materials can and cannot be used to make daub for a wattle and daub wall.

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