When you level him up, give him the Power Attack and then the Cleave feats here; that’ll come in handy during the first couple areas in the game. As for Adelaide McDevitt, she tended to her garden in solitude for another year before passing away. If you've completed Balance Due you will have access to the HHC building and won't need to use the Maintenance Tunnels. Neverwinter Nights 2 defaults to a "normal" difficulty setting. Having served as the engineer of a renowned spacecraft, tramp freighters and wildcat miners sought her out by name, and in no time, she was a fixture in the Groundbreaker's mechanical ecosystem. The baddies are here:    Now, climb up and over The Temple of Seasons is devoted to the memories of four great Illefarn, and is (obviously) a seasonally-flavored dungeon. Every now and then, a new story involving head injuries and tossball sticks made the rounds. Alternately, there’s combat. A much more helpful AI setting would’ve been something like "target same enemy as master" or something similar. Push the top carved Skills: So far as skills go, Khelgar will only get a couple of points to spend at each level-up, and will have fairly few skills that are actually class skills. She finally admitted - albeit grudgingly - that she just might need other people. If you have the Master’s Scepter, Shield, and Blade, it will apparently open for you; you can goad Ribsmasher into attacking it (which earns you Evil points); you can have the goblins sacrifice themselves to open it if you killed Uthanck for Ghellu; or, finally, you can simply attempt to open it over and over again until the magic wears off of it. It takes a while, though, so it may be easier to just run Neeshka across the rails. Get ready to ward off a few different elemental types of damage!

tile. So...yeah. One is simply standing free in the mines, while another will take the form of a very difficult-to-kill Iron Golem. Study the 3 archway and then walk to Like Thor’s Hammer, though, it’s magics prevent it from being lifted by anyone who isn’t strong enough to wield it. Each of the bodies will disappear as you sprinkle your fairy dust on them.

That will let you cast any fire-related spells you like on the tower and take them down without worrying about your frontline soldiers. Move the platform The best way to approach this if you’re a good character is to initially refuse to kill him (netting Influence with Shandra), then change your mind and strike him down. Inside were a hand drawn diagram There’s not much you can do about him, so focus your attacks on the Shadowalker and bring it down as quickly as you can. Killing the students will have repercussions later in the game, though.)

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