TV series Topher While the Runaways debated over what they should do with him, Topher injected himself with grinded Gibborim Rocks, causing his eyes to turn yellow and giving him enough strength to take down the cone of silence. Born at the turn of the 20th century, by the time he meets the Runaways Topher had developed a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time financially and was pretty down on his luck. So thought chances are Topher might stay a vampire, it is not guaranteed he will turn out to be a bad guy at all. In circa 2001, Topher lost his fortune following the bubble economic crisis. He explained that his street skills could be of use to the teenagers, who had much less experience in living as he had for years. American Having heard Alex Wilder talking about a dig site where Gibborim rocks had been found, Topher inquired on this topic to Hernandez, who told him everything they had gathered on the PRIDE Construction Site. Completely rejected by Sofia, Topher attacked her before Chase Stein attempted to restrain him. Topher was chased by the Runaways in an attempt to have him stop using the rocks, but this caused him to fall into paranoid dementia, and Topher's fate was left uncertain in the ensuing confrontation in which he was grievously wounded. Topher Vasquez is a former employee at Goodman University who became addicted to a mysterious type of rocks that gave him enhanced strength and longevity. Topher insisted that he was not the monster they thought he was, but he progressively lost control. Topher was enlisted by Alex Wilder into a mission to break into Atlas Academy to steal a computer Wilder needed to hack into the PRIDE Construction Site's systems. First Look: Meet Topher from 'Marvel's Runaways', He then gave the computer to Wilder, who thanked him, and the Runaways then returned to the Hostel. Affiliation Castellanos put out a statement through Marvel timed with the live announcement. Despite Old Lace, Topher blew a hole through the wall of the Hostel to sneak out and came back in the morning with a large amount of food, hoping that helping the Runaways would make his integration to the group easier. As a result of biting her, Topher is killed. Topher's run in Runaways was a relatively short one. Topher was present on the night the Geosciences Research Center exploded, and in the aftermath of the explosion, he found strange rocks which gave him superhuman abilities, including augmented strength. Seeing this as an opportunity to find more rocks, Topher later stole the map of the dig site and, claiming to Gert Yorkes that he would find medication for her anxiety, he left the Hostel without anyone noticing. Physical Appearance Skills and Abilities Relationships Appearances Season Two. This barely convinced the Runaways, who agreed to taste the food brought by Topher, while Hernandez took Topher for a visit of the Hostel.[1]. From this moment, Topher was rejected by his family and was expelled from the house, forced to live on the street.[2]. Topher is a crafty runaway who schools our kids on new levels of street game. Topher Vasquez Jan Luis Castellanos. A decade later, Topher had not aged thanks to his powers. But Hulu has been taking liberties with the Runaways story since the beginning, with the producers saying they don't want the plot of the show to be found via reading Wikipedia summaries of the comics. are on ABC. However, it caused him to be smashed under the dumpster. He was kicked out by his family due to his violent behavior. Since the Runaways were convinced by Topher's story, he was allowed to remain in the Hostel. Topher suggested to Minoru that they could share the room, but Minoru walked away after telling Topher that she would discover his secrets. The show has already changed some of the significant characteristics of the main cast, like taking out Nico's tendency to self-harm and making Chase far less of "dumb jock" persona. Portrayed by When not under the influence of her addiction to the Gibborim Rocks, Topher was a very lively, smiling and confident young man, with his years of living in the street having turned him into a smart and resourceful individual. He quickly spotted a dump truck full of sand and rushed to it. Citizenship Figuring out that this was the girl with the yellow eyes he had heard about, Topher followed Hernandez all the way back to the Hostel, where he introduced himself to the astonished Runaways.

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