The Base Guide from is a service designed to help active duty service members and their families navigate the locations and services available at hundreds of military bases worldwide. Our nylon flags vary in dimensions & are crafted using heavyweight 200 nylon denier making them both tough & long-lasting. I joined the reserves in April '06 so my PEBD is then.

If BASD is only a date, conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that it has little-to-no impact on your service. In reality, though, a soldier’s BASD never changes. Furthermore, BASD is used to determine when an Army soldier is eligible for promotion.

I re-enlisted active in Jan. '07 but my BASD is back dated to Nov. '06 because of Basic, AIT, and my … Join thousands of others receiving our newsletter. A popup window will appear with the proper former to indicate your valid BASD. If you entered through an ROTC scholarship, a Delayed Entry Program (DEP), or other situation click on the appropriate link. Basic Active Service Date (BASD), also known as Date Initially Entered Military Service, (DIEMS) is an important date for service members of all the military branches.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of BASD in the U.S. Army.

The BASD is the date you use to calculate your time in Active Service (AS).

From my understanding BASD is used for calculating your time towards retirement. For new service members, it can be difficult to find out your actual BASD. In addition to active duty retirement, BASD is also used to calculate a retired soldier’s pay. Our flags also arrive in an attractive presentation box making them a perfect gift for friends and family! FREE SHIPPING on all orders to the U.S.A. Join our newsletter for patriotic news and limited time specials.

It determines when a soldier can retire, how much he or she is paid upon retirement, promotion eligibility and more. While many soldiers ignore this number, you should always be … Read the form and locate the date of contract or date you signed it, this will be your BASD.

The truth, however, is that BASD affects many elements of an Army soldier’s service.

Things to fill out were my social security number, date of birth, and a pay entry base date. They even sent an email making sure we knew about assembly and how to contact them for information. Once you know that figure, you can then calculate your retirement pay and date of eligibility. Detailed information for more than 220 military bases, Access to over 12,500 contacts to help you get necessary services, Find valuable, local off-base information. To learn more about BASD in the U.S. Army, keep reading. U.S. Army Human Resources Command: Retirement Frequently Asked Questions. Your BASD is you ACTIVE service date. According to the U.S. Department of Army Retirement Services, retired pay is calculated by looking at the soldier’s BASD and PEBD. Site Map. If you’re thinking about enlisting in the U.S. Army, you may come across the term “BASD.” An acronym for “basic active service date, it lives up to its namesake by revealing the specific date on which an Army soldier began his or her service.

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