In a Q&A session, only two of them say they'd have come if today hadn't involved rapping. He was unequivocally black power, but he's rewritten as this fun-loving Rasta. And vice versa. And although no one said it out loud, we all knew it was because she was representing a side of intellectual black culture that is never usually acknowledged. It's a hook, and it's only half an hour later that they're translating Sonnet 18 into hip-hop verse. ), but Son Of A Gun gets the edge over Yellow Tape. The 20-track album saw him elevate his artistry thanks to the well-rounded body of work. In a community hall in Hoxton, London, a small piece of alchemy is taking place. From R.A.P Ferreira to Lil Uzi Vert, here’s where the best hip-hop albums of 2020 ranked. 1 for 11 weeks to start the year, cementing Roddy as the standout artist his mentors Nipsey Hussle and DJ Mustard knew he could be when they co-signed him on “Racks In The Middle” and “Ballin’.”–A.W. Akala seems a good person to consult – one, because he's her brother, and two, because you can ask Akala just about anything and you'll get a pretty comprehensive answer. Well, it seems they're a part of the burgeoning hip-hop theatre scene. It’s become something of a running gag in hip-hop that “Mixtape Drake” is often more focused and efficient than his album-minded counterpart, but the tenet holds true on Dark Lane Demo Tapes, a collection of throwaways that offers samples of everything Drake does best. In one of his games, which he demonstrated at a recent TED talk, Akala says a line and I have to tell him whether it's Shakespeare or a rapper. There were those who frowned upon Shakespeare's work in his time, but it was a reflection of reality.". The St. Petersburg, Florida native leans even further into his Sunday Service-esque vocalizing, delivering a pungent sermon about surviving through desperate circumstances. Jadakiss‘ latest album is a powerful counterargument against both positions. It was so funny the way they tried to co-opt us. He made a smart move to pique people’s interest in his project — as if they needed much provocation — and he kept their attention with an 18-track offering of high-quality melodic raps over smooth, dreamy Wheezy production. Montgomery, Alabama-born rapper Chika approaches the rap game with wisdom far beyond her 23 years on her debut EP. He used biblical references as the thematic impetus for the thought-provoking 11-track album, expressing that times may change, but human nature doesn’t. Inspired by his first trip abroad for Fashion Week, Griselda Records rapper Westside Gunn came home loaded with thoughts of the world beyond his native Buffalo, New York. In fact, it even picked up momentum, thanks in part to the cancelations and postponements of the tours and festivals that have been its lifeblood in recent years. It’s also home to his breakout single, “The Box,” which sat at No. It's the same with chavs – I have plenty of white, working-class friends from east London who read Max Planck and Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. Somewhere between the Southern-fried soul-hop of Goodie Mob and the tumultuous trap of Atlanta contemporaries like Lil Baby and Gunna, Deante’ Hitchcock’s debut album doesn’t just balance these seemingly opposing forces, it synthesizes and meshes them into a captivating gumbo over which he ladles a healthy dose of thoughtful introspection and witty wordplay. Hip-hop and Shakespeare might seem like madness, "yet there is method in't". For his Purple Moonlight Pages album, he decided to cede some of the production duties to The Jefferson Park Boys, leaving the inquisitive lyricist to invest more energy into his already incredible bars and float fully into space like he referenced doing on album standout “Leaving Hell.” The album is a lyrical masterpiece, where Ferreira weaves philosophy, observation, and a compelling narrative into thrilling poetics.–Andre Gee. —A.W. Keith Saha runs the innovative 20 Stories High theatre group in Liverpool and he thinks it can be if it's handled wrongly. After more false starts than a preseason NFL game, Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake finally dropped in March — followed by a brand new deluxe album a week later. Rhyming in Spanish and inviting his brother SiR along for the ride, D Smoke paints an autobiographical portrait that has plenty to say about the world at large.–A.W. Mobo award-winning rapper Akala is running a series of workshops for teenagers on the links between Shakespeare and hip-hop, Would Shakespeare be a rapper today? They did all this campaigning and eventually, hallelujah, Martin Luther King comes along," he says, chewing on an apple. His versatility and chemistry with other artists are also highlights as he effortlessly works with old and new collaborators alike, all without veering out of his lane.–Wongo Okon. On Industry Games, she addresses the pitfalls of the entertainment business and boldly proclaiming her mission statement to enlighten and encourage the masses. The industry is officially on notice.–A.W. Akala's fourth solo album, The Thieves Banquet, is a colourful onslaught of emotionally charged, socially conscious hip-hop recorded with a live band. Further, deep inside Beyond Bulletproof lies a leader who has chosen to use his platform to push his people in the right direction with tracks such as “Boyz To Men” and “Overcame.” “I’ve been on a more progressive hype,” the Grammy Award-nominated rapper told Uproxx. It's part of a wider effort to open kids up to what they wouldn't traditionally be interested in." G Herbo got the world’s attention with the PTSD album cover, which replaced the American flag’s 50 stars with the faces of a whopping 50 people he knew who had died. Ms Dynamite (Niomi Arleen McLean-Daley) made a mixtape, A Little Darker, with her brother in 2006, the year he won a Mobo award for best hip-hop act. Named for Ruff Ryders Entertainment A&R Ignatius “Icepick Jay” Jackson, who died in 2017, the album is a salute to Jada’s dear friend and a massive evolution for a rapper who had little left to prove.–Aaron Williams. Despite a global pandemic, worldwide shutdown, and a month of civil unrest, the old adage, “hip-hop don’t stop,” remained true in 2020. There might not be a more difficult listen in 2020, but Miller’s genius is underscored throughout, leaving the listener lamenting a life gone too soon.–Philip Cosores. In 1995, Havoc and Prodigy made huge creative leaps with "The Infamous." It's on a damp spring morning that they're comparing thee to a summer's day, but how did they get here? And with the music and the beats and the rapping, it makes an old subject brand new." "I actually did a song called Shakespeare three or four years ago," says Akala, "It was a comedic parody that I was the rapping reincarnation of Shakespeare. They grew up in Kentish Town, north London (she's 32, he's 29 – real name Kingslee James Daley). 30. Official Albums Sales Chart Top 100 30 October 2020 - 05 November 2020 Click here to view the Biggest Albums of 2017. The actual release of Jay Electronica’s long-awaited debut album was high on the list, music-wise. With more development of the formula he showed on his sophomore project, that just may be an accurate take in hindsight. If I stab someone, my ethnicity will be mentioned as a factor. ", Akala once called rap "the misogynistic, materialistic handmaiden of American capitalism", but he's a lot more lighthearted than that makes him sound. As a former teenage rapper (a dismal one), and a writer about hip-hop for the last 18 years, I was convinced such a project would manage to demean both Shakespeare and my beloved music by softening their more difficult edges in order to slot them together. Fast forward two years later and the Cactus Jack artist is continuing to make a name for himself with his debut album Heaven Or Hell. So when hip-hop is put back in its proper cultural context as a tradition that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years, you realise that it is the same as The Iliad.

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