We'll bring campus right to your computer so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Because of its central location in the heart of Oregon’s capital, Willamette law students can walk to Willamette University’s Mark O. Hatfield Library, the State of Oregon Law Library, the Oregon State Library, and the Oregon State Archives. schools. 23 [29], The law school offers five certificate programs for students in both the JD program and the joint degree program: Dispute Resolution, Law and Business, International and Comparative Law, Sustainability Law, and Law and Government. The College of Law is housed in two buildings on the beautifully landscaped 80-acre campus of Willamette University: the award-winning Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center and the Oregon Civic Justice Center. [7], In 1902, Dean Richardson left the school and was replaced by John W. Reynolds who served until 1907. Recruiter. Early Decision 1 : 11/15 [7], After 1952, Willamette Law received a large Lady Justice statue when the Marion County Courthouse was demolished to make way for a new one. Another LLM program covers Dispute Resolution. [44] These programs were chosen due to their community outreach programs, as the school plans to create a community atmosphere between students, faculty, and the general community.[44]. 84% with 2% pursuing an additional degree. Both LLM tracks allow students to enroll in classes at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management. MLS students work with a law school advisor to develop a set of courses to meet their specific career needs or goals. 3 years for JD, 1 year for Masters and LLM.

[7] Women were allowed to enroll beginning in 1892; in 1898, the first women, Olive S. England and Gabrielle Clark, graduated. Willamette University College of Law The school also offers five 3+3 Programs to allow students to earn both an undergraduate degree and law degree in a total of six years. George Cannady was a Senior Scholar who was involved in football and track. She is the founder of a Scandinavian-inspired, vegan bakery in Beaverton where she employs people with disabilities. The College of Law, which was founded in 1883 and is the oldest law school in the Pacific Northwest, has approximately 30 law professors and a yearly entering class of 165 students.

All appropriate documentation must be sent by admitted students and received and approved by the College of Law before the school will send them an I-20 (Application for Student Visa).

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