Yuuna went to the same kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school as Nochizawa Eiji, but then moved to an all-girls high school. On April 29, 2026, YUNA's live concert was about to be held at the New National Stadium. Moments later, the Ordinal Scale event began; however, the monster that appeared was The Dire Tusk, the boss of the 18th Floor of Aincrad, rather than the expected 13th Floor boss. December 8, 2017 (BD/DVD)[27], March 1, 2017 (Event) Moments later, the dragon interrupted their conflict just as the battle timer struck zero, causing both bosses to leave the battlefield.

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is a Sword Art Online movie that was released in about 1,000 theatres worldwide on February 18, 2017. Although the guild was faring well against the boss, they were suddenly assaulted by Eiji, who disabled all of Ryoutarou's guildmates with martial arts. As Kirito expressed surprise at this change, Yui reported that several bosses had appeared in various areas of the city simultaneously, while their positions were shuffled. While blocking the monster's attack, Yuuna informed Kirito that a brain-damaging scan would be performed when the emotive counter displayed on a screen in the venue reached ten thousand. Philia |

By reading the last entry, he learnt the extent to which the memory loss incident had affected Asuna.

A feature of Ordinal Scale is a «Ranking System», according to which, each player is assigned a rank, indicated by an ordinal number instead of a cardinal number. Back at the stadium, just as Yuuna was about to be struck by The Fatal Scythe, a virtual projection of Kirito, now having become the top-ranked player of Ordinal Scale, used the sword he had obtained from the battle in FullDive to easily dispatch the monster. Kurahashi also informed them that similar incidents had occurred to other people, all of whom were SAO Survivors who were playing Ordinal Scale. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Yuna_(Sword_Art_Online_The_Movie:_Ordinal_Scale)?oldid=1725774. Needs full url, not just the YouTube ID.

According to Nautilus, her potential at encouraging others, give them hope, and lead them was on the same level or even higher than Asuna's. Following this revelation, Kirito began defeating boss after boss, until he reached rank nine upon defeating Waheela the Black Wolf. Yuna’s Best Songs As picked by the jam community, 2011–2015 Live Your Life Yuna. Just when all of them were immobilised by the boss and Kirito was about to struck by the boss's beam attack, the boss was abruptly staggered by Asuna, who had just reached the battlefield. In the aftermath of the battle, Kirito noticed the hooded girl again, but by the time he reached her, the girl disappeared, pointing at some location in the distance. Yuna was also skilled at reading and improving the mood, such as easily noticing when Nautilus was depressed and helping him regain his good mood with candy and encouragement, or sensing when her party members were filled with doubt and restoring their resolution with one of her songs. Allies While practising, he suddenly noticed a hooded girl right next to him.

Her resolve to help clearing the game was so strong that she had soon reached a level close to that of the Clearers at the time, a feat that required a lot of effort.

Difficulties Expert+. As Asuna complained about having never seen shooting stars because her neighbourhood was too bright, Kirito remarked that there were several good places to see them in his area, and thus they made a promise to see meteor showers some day in the real world. From 26 people Come As You Are Yuna. February 18, 2017 (Roadshow)March 10, 2017 (4D)[10], April 6, 2017 (Public release)[25][26] In 2026, a new machine called the Augma is developed to compete against the NerveGear and its successor, the AmuSphere. The moment the clock struck 21:00, Kagachi the Samurai Lord, Aincrad's 10th Floor boss spawned. At that moment, he was approached by Eiji, who invited him to come to YUNA's live concert for Asuna's memories. [2] The theme song of the movie is Catch the Moment, a new song by LiSA. In the aftermath of the boss fight, a member of Fuurinkazan noticed a series of pop-ups, which led him to a collectible in a parking lot. Sinon, Alicization Arc

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