Boarded up houses and businesses lined the streets nearby, feeling the pinch both of the COVID-19 pandemic but the social crisis, too.

The trio wouldn't comment on allegations those involved had gang affiliations. All rights reserved. I highly recommend living in Zillmere. I do feel there is a safer side, I'm evidently just not on it. Can anyone recommend a piano tutor for my daughter in the Zilmere area? Zillmere Demographics; QLD Crime Statistics; WA Crime Statistics; NSW Crime Statistics; VIC Crime Statistics; Zillmere Photos Gallery; Suburb Distance Calculator; Please select your state. Things are certainly changing and the area is full of new developments changing the demographic from retirees and housing commissions to young professionals and families. I don't feel safe. Sad face of Election 2020: Cities (and White House) board up and brace for election riots, looting and a... You don't always have to finish your course of antibiotics: Just one of the controversial suggestions in a... Heathrow's bid to keep duty-free shopping: Britain's biggest airport launches legal challenge to bring back... Electric scooters could have artificial noise alerts fitted to reduce their risk to pedestrians and the... Father who killed his three-year-old son in 100mph race crash on motorway is jailed for four-and-a-half... My ringside seat at this pulsing geyser of squalid petulance: JAN MOIR on the Johnny Depp courtroom drama... Judge brands Johnny Depp 'a monster' who DID beat ex-wife Amber Heard 12 times as he loses £5m 'wife-beater'... ALISON BOSHOFF: He's filmed half of blockbuster sequel Fantastic Beasts 3, but with his reputation wrecked,... Playboy model who was kicked off a Southwest Airlines plane with her seven-year-old son because of her... Brexit breakthrough? While I didn't get hurt or anything when I said I had nothing, it was still scary. A gymgoer at PCYC told Daily Mail Australia he 'wasn't shocked' to hear of the brutality. ', A lone bunch of flowers were left at the crime scene on Monday afternoon, Some family members who went to visit their injured loved ones in hospital were aggressive. 'I've been here 16 years, and I've never seen anything too bad,' he said before admitting that it could get a little 'rough' at the station occasionally. The UK and EU 'are close to a compromise on fishing rights' that could allow them to... Brittany Chain In Zillmere For Daily Mail Australia. I bought a brick house that is close to aspley/geebung borders, I made it as break-in safe as I could as I would in any suburb. 3218.0). THE MAJORITY OF STREETS HAVE BEEN DESIGNED TO BE USED BY ONLY THE LOCALS AND THEIR VISITORS TO KEEP TRAFFIC AND NOISE TO A MINIMUM.

I wonder when the govt will actually do something about all the litter and safety issues. Population figures for 2010 were applied to 2010 and 2011 incident data as no population data for 2011 was available at the time of preparation. Looking for a new house in BRISBANE good SUBURBS? It took me just 10 months to want to move out. It is just such a shame, because Zillmere really is a convenient and appealing suburb. It is listed as one of the next boom suburbs and can see that happening now. At least 72 of those crimes were drug related, while a further 52 were linked to theft or handling stolen goods. I have owned a house since 2008. NSW Crime Statistics; VIC Crime Statistics; Zillmere Photos Gallery; Suburb Distance Calculator; Please select your state. Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said: 'We know that the price of drugs is up at the moment and one of our working hypotheses is this is motivating the offending behaviour.'. 'They could just be a bunch of kids though, I wouldn't say they're definitely part of gangs. needs a lot more cleaning up to happen!!!

It's never been that bad before.'. We've been told to keep an eye on it.'. It's just too dangerous,' she admitted. I have observed a large number of families purchasing homes and moving to this area over the past few years. I went for a run shortly after moving and a Commodore of 20 something year olds pulled over rashly where I was running and asked for directions.

One of the fastest growing, affordable & best suburbs to live in Brisbane.

The car is believed to be linked to the crime, but police are still working to establish that connection. yep, Battersby road is full of scummy people. 'I just don't know why people are walking the streets at that time... Why aren't their parents doing anything? I dont think the area is any worse than surrounding suburbs really. A hidden treasure - time to share it with those not in the know.

The Rates are calculated per 100,000 population for each LGA where the LGA population is greater than 3000. Big blocks with established yards. Good position, shame about the rest of it. 'I'd never get off the train at Zillmere, I'd always go one station along. Multiple travel options and routes to city. The woman suspected an uptick in housing commission and subsidised private housing had led to a spike in crime within the community. Any thoughts. I understand as a young woman you might feel threatened by those things - but the reality is that in a city of over a million people, these things happen everywhere.

Zillmere is great for commuting to work in the city.

Trump narrows gap to six points (51% - 45%) across twelve battleground states and... Who is more Gaga? It's a very different neighbourhood now.'. He, too, insisted he had never seen any violence. '34 was never a gang, it was a family and the media and people twisted it to the point y'all made them a target by a real p***y bunch of n****s that ambushed my brothers and girls. The groups frequent the public areas near the PCYC, which is a crime scene after Sunday night's fatal stabbing. Perhaps if I move a few streets away from where I am now, I'll be chirping the praises of Zillmere's safety. I have lived here since 2004. I have been in Zillmere for nearly two years now, and I remember my first impression. Qld rail should have security on the weekend to mend the station. A social worker at the local youth community group told Daily Mail Australia there was a brawl near the PCYC just three weeks ago which involved local youths. An apartment. Was the first unit my partner and I had moved into together. I have had to lodge it with the police and PoliceLink. We have been living in Zillmere since purchasing in 2010 because of the exceptional value it offered compared with neighboring suburbs.

On Sunday night, members of warring 'gangs' allegedly began fighting behind the local PCYC on a soccer field, resulting in the death of 19-year-old Girum Mekonnen, Police from Brisbane city patrolled the scene of the crime, near PCYC Zillmere, on Monday, A number of people sustained wounds during the attack. There is also a local library and plenty of parks and sporting facilities. The Rates are calculated using the population data were obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics publication: Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2009-2010 (cat. It has excellent bus and train connections. The comments below have been moderated in advance. I do feel bad, but I'm offering my experiences and opinion of Zillmere so that other people can make an informed choice on where to live. This is Zillmere, mate,' he said. The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual reviewer and not those of 'What we do believe is that the people who were in the park and have been the victims in this attack were set upon by those who have turned up presumably for the purpose of the assault. It is a really mixed bag. My letter box has been broken into 3 times and items stolen. Was woken numerous times by police searching units next door, we had kids roaming up and down the driveway at night looking in car windows and trying locks, there was an armed hold up of a nearby restaurant in the time I lived there, and I just never felt at ease. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Pictured: Friends and family members outside the hospital, Out the front of Zillmere PCYC was declared a crime scene on Sunday night after the fatal brawl, This map shows the type of offences committed throughout Zillmere from June 2020 to September 2020. Chermside, Taigum, Toombul & The Hypermarket are short drives away as is the Entertainment Center and the airport.Also it's a short drive to the beach at Sandgate. It is convenient, I have never felt unsafe, and I have nice neighbours and families. Hi Angie, yes it is a mess and obviously we need tighter laws around policing the streets and littering. Police on the scene had been called in from Brisbane city to monitor the scene of the crime, while other officers had been deployed to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, as well as the Princess Alexandra Hospital, where victims of the attack were taken on Sunday night.

In the CBD where I work I regularly get asked for money or smokes.

Our blog allows greater communication and information sharing between the Queensland Police Service and the Neighbourhood Watch community. Furious Speaker Lindsay Hoyle demands full apology to the House if an MP leaked PM's lockdown plan with Gove... Royal experts question the 'wisdom' of keeping Prince William's Covid diagnosis a secret... however... Blair's four-point Covid plan: Ex-PM calls for experimental drugs to be deployed more widely, speeded up... Rishi Sunak DOUBLES payments to the self-employed to cover 80% of trading profits during November lockdown... No10 dismisses demands for golf and tennis to be EXEMPT from lockdown sports ban despite senior Tories... Will the Teflon Donald come up Trumps again? Zillmere is a fringing suburb to the city, so less people around to witness break ins and less people around at night if you have to walk home from the train station. He called for calm among the community, while confirming at least 20 people were involved in the initial altercation. HIGHLY RECEOMMENDED FOR COUPLES AND FAMILIES, "Quiet leafy street close to shops, schools, public transport". Where are the housing commission areas in Zillmere? Although Zillmere is i believe still, undiscovered, and needs some work to make it more on trend, the new apartments are great, the train line and easy access to the city and Chermside make it an excellent location. There are housing commission homes in every area. no. Names were predominately scrawled on the walls, along with one sign which read 'I am gay'. Finally I was gone by the 20th month. Copyright 2020 StreetAdvisor PL. But the woman said they often loitered around the train station and nearby shopping precincts, too.

'They know cops can't touch them because they're underage,' a grandmother-of-one who was too afraid to be named told Daily Mail Australia. Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (Dec 2011 data). The owner of nearby Baba Juice agreed, saying he knows 'a lot of young people in that community go across there to play lots of basketball'.

It's close to chermside mall, taigum shopping centre, carseldine farmer market and sandgate beach is just few minutes drive. Months on, I was hassled by a young man for "money, smokes and drink" as I walked home from the train station. I have found my neighbours to be friendlier and more welcoming than other suburbs I have lived in. Calling the Boffins' bluff: How No10's experts manipulated data and drew biased conclusions to 'terrify'... Is Justin Welby losing faith with lockdown? A red car believed to be connected to the brawl was towed away from the crime scene about 1pm on Monday, This map shows the number of offences committed throughout Zillmere from June 2020 to September 2020, Bloodied bandages were left at the scene where a man died on Sunday night, Friends have explained Girum was simply 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' at the time of his death.

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